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CRYMP is getting very laggy,has it always been like this?
Are we becoming too many? Is it just me who feels like this.


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There is no such thing as "CRYMP SERVERS", never was and never will be. Yes you can call servers that appears on CRYMP list "CRYMP SERVERS" but only "simbolically", not technically. We can call them like that to show the difference between any other network that can be created anywhere else and show list of some servers there. In this meaning they are "CRYMP SERVERS" but it has nothing to do with your "laggy" experience at all.

Because CRYMP is not a servers host - it's the network which let's you see the list and connect to multiple servers hosted at home or on virtual servers privately. Some servers can be more popular or marked as "trusted" if needed - as they were for 3 years before - but no such thing as "CRYMP SERVERS" exist because server is something that is hosted on some machine. This network is just a path to those multiple servers.

All servers are 100% private - you can have your own in 10 minutes without any problems.
If you "lag" on some server it can be fault of your PC or your connection or PC where game server is placed or it's connection or things that are on map or server. It has nothing to do with the network.

And no - we are not "becoming too many" - number of daily players hasn't change for last 3 years. It was always around 20 connected at the same time and will stay this way for years probably. No way to have more than 20-30. Checked.

The difference is that for last 2 years those ~20 people (connected at the same time) are on-line also during the week - not just on weekends - like it was for the first 1.5 year of the network - 2014 and 2015, at the begining. But 2016, 2017, 2018 - no change at all. Same number of players and no lags because of that even on servers hosted on home PCs. If it was even 32 on one server - won't be a problem on most of machines.

So please ask admin of certain server where you have "laggy" experience. Maybe it's because of advanced graphically, huge map, multi-mods on some server, spawning effects or players spawning vehicles. Every server is different and office PCs can't handle some of things on some server. But if you have medium, 4 years old gaming PC you should be able to play any map and any server without any problems at all. Most of servers, even those with high quality maps are well optimized for 2018. Lags on certain servers can be cause by other random things and if they happen more often should be reported to their admins.

Please check multiple servers - Good luck with finding the solution - and have fun with all old and new things.

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