SSM Portable

Hey guys, especially modders. After some longer time, you can finally run your own SSM/existing SSM or no SSM at all along with CryMP and SSM SafeWriting. All you have to do is:


Download SSM Portable from Extract it to Mods folder, if Mods folder doesn't exist, just create it inside Crysis folder Rename your original mod's 32bit DLL to "Main.dll" and replace Portable/Mods/Main.dll with it - if you want to run server without any SSM, just use default Main.dll, it's nothing more than just copy of CryGame.dll Copy .pak files and other stuff into Portable/ folders (.paks go into Mods/Portable/Game) Replace -mod Whatever in your server startup batch file with -mod Portable

Troubleshooting / FAQ:

Server doesn't appear at master If you can't find message like [Portable] Loading mod files or similar inside Server.log, consider renaming Portable.pak to ZZZPortable.pak to make sure it loads fast It still doesn't load If you are really into modding, just copy paste Portable.lua of Portable.pak into some of your SSM's core scripts and call Portable:OnTimerTick() somewhere (best in UpdatePings) to make sure your server appears at CryMP I want to use CryMP IDs!!! Well, first of all, you gotta reimplement Validation.lua for your SSM, it's not that hard, just grab sources here and make little edit to make it as command of your SSM, SSM Portable already provides basic functions like AsyncConnctHTTP, so no worries After this is done, also edit your function which returns player's profile ID to return player.profile instead

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