1. Short film (0:45-1:40) 2. Fascinating (so that you want to watch some moments again and again) 3. With well-chosen musical accompaniment (which will be combined with transitions) 4. High-quality picture (but without using mods to improve graphics) 5. Contain gameplay (However, for maturity, you can add one scene of non-existent content. However, do not focus on it, so as not to deceive the viewer) ------- P.S. If you decide to recreate a scene from the game in the editor, then do not forget to pay attention to all the small details. And most importantly... None of my videos have a title (trailer), since a trailer should be created with the help of the entire gaming community, not just one person. So if you suddenly decide to create something, involve all existing players in it. ------- This is an example, not a trailer (remember, you can always do better) https://youtu.be/rxLYrlKeJU0

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