Hello, fellow Nomads! Exciting news! CryMP.net is embarking on a journey to a new digital home: crymp.org. 🌐 But here’s the deal: We need your nano-suit abilities! 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️ To ensure a seamless transition, we’re counting on you—yes, you with the epic gaming skills—to update all the links out there. Whether it’s on Reddit, YouTube, or Steam, let’s point them to our shiny new home. Why? Well, let’s spill the beans: The domain owner has been playing hide-and-seek with us for months. 🙈 Running a community with half an identity? Not sustainable. So, we’re making the leap to a new domain—a future that’s brighter, more predictable, and filled with frag-tastic adventures! 🚀 Thanks for being awesome and helping us level up! 🙌

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