a few errors (game dll missing)


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I got the steam version of the game (and it crashes instant)
so I got the bin64. renamed the bin32 to bin32-old and renamed the downloaded bin64 to bin32.
now i can play the game (and the editor).

If i now install the MP mod I can´t play the game.
if i use the normal link i get the error "failed to load game dll"
if i use the AMD FX link i get the error "C:program not found"

steam startup option for the mod dont work (game dll error)

can anyone help me?

my system:
3 screens (no eyefinity)
8 GB ram
AMD FX 8350 @ 4,1 GHz
64 bit Win7 ultimate
no virtual drive software
no process explorer open if i try to start the game


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it seems many people bought those strange/cheap AMD FX CPUs... Anyway, just rename everything back to original names and use Bin64\Crysis.exe with "-mod sfwcl" parameter (create new shortcut and add the parameter there or use the one already created on your Desktop and change Bin32 to Bin64 in shortcut properties). :)


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....could you please post the exact error message, which you get after starting AMD_FX.bat ? :)


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thanks, but i am using the exe from the bin64.
I can start only the one from the bin64.
without the mod i can play the game, but if i install the mod i get the "failed to load game dll" error.
the error from the AMD FX link is:
"C:Program" not found. Please make sure, that you typed in the name correctly
(i translated the error (my system is in german))

I got it working now (it starts with the mod) I used the following configuration:
Download the game with steam.
copy the bin64 in the crysis dir. (linked in steam forums)
install the mod
edit the link on the desktop to use the exe from the bin64
(i have no idea why this is now working. i already tryed this.. but it did not worked..)
however, thanks


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AMD_FX.bat looks buggy a little. If you want to have 32-bit version of game working too, you can open AMD_FX.bat in notepad, remove everything there and paste this:
@echo off
%windir%\System32\cmd.exe /C start "" /affinity FE "%cd%\Bin32\Crysis.exe" -mod sfwcl

Anyway, 64-bit version works for you now. See you :)

PS: It didn't work because it was messed up with renaming. :)


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Nothing of this worked for me (CPU AMD Ryzen 1600). Maybe I skipped something crucial but I don't think so.

If I try to run AMD_FX.bat error pops up "missing file (... commonCrysisSfwClFilesBin32Crysis) I also tried to copy and paste any Bin32 (Bin64 externally downloaded and renamed to Bin32) folder in commonCrysisSfwClFiles in order to give it a file to lean on but nothing.

Please help.


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With the new update you should be able to launch Crysis with the icon that is generated while updating. Its called Crysis Multiplayer (64 bit) and can be found on desktop. The 32bit version does not work with AMD Ryzen. "Crysis-Multiplayer-AMD_FX" does not work with Ryzen too. Its just the 64bit Version that is working with Ryzen. With the new update you can access the in-game lobby as well. This is new but not necessary because you can alternatively use the in-game console to join servers.

Thus you just have to download the new update: /update.html
Then it will work without any modifications. But for that you need an original Bin64 folder.


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Thank you so much, just to be sure I'm gonna reinstall the game. AFter that, do I put Bin64 externally downloaded and renamed to Bin32 to the game directory or simply install SfwCl Mod (update) and run Crysis Multiplayer (64 bit)?


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You just need bin64. bin32 does not work. Bin64 must look like on the following screenshot.https://picload.org/view/doggwpgi/bin64.jpg.html
The red marked "game.exe" will be generated when you have updated your game to Version 10.0. (/update.html)
After this you have the icon "Crysis Multiplayer (64 bit)" with which you can start the game. If your system is based on 32bit and it does not install the bin64 folder with the game you can either download bin64 or i can send you the required folder.

Means you do not need to rename bin64 to bin32. You do not need to modify anything.


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Thank you so much! I'll let you know tomorrow whether it works or not, maybe using any software of communication (skype, discord, ts ecc.) you want.


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Changing name of Bin32 or Bin64 folder is VERY BAD idea. It doesn't fix anything. It just breaks the game. Aigami is right - use 64-bit launcher. Steam version of Crysis doesn't have Bin64 folder, so you need to get it first, but it seems you've already done it. The new 64-bit version has same features as 32-bit version.


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Thanks for the support guys, I'll let you know in a few hours. I added you aigami, I'm Luckydoggg9976


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I forgot to post that.... IT WORKED! Thank you very much guys!

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