[MOD] Crysis Wars strafing in 1.21 ?


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Hey guys.
Looking at the list of servers, I see there a lot of interesting modifications already created.
So I was wondering if it would be difficult to "move" strafing from Crysis Wars into 1.21?
There is Circle Jump mod from 1.0 for 1.21, so maybe it's not so difficult to "repair" the strafing on shift
in Crysis 1. I think if it would have worked, it would be a kind of "small revolution" in this game.
Similarly with the hit-indicator from Crysis Wars..

What are your thoughts on this friends? :)


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Hm, but there is kind of strafing on 1.2.1, even circlejump works there if you try hard in speedmode.
But yeah, reviving circle jump for 1.2.1 fully, is a good idea. :D


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FAZOR thanks for bringing back the subject. I think most of us here would agree that Crysis 1 MP is much better than Crysis Wars (which is no matter what some would say closer to console type games a bit). So bringing classic Crysis Wars things to Crysis 1 MP won't make much sense.

I was Crysis unpatched player for years and of course Circle Jumping Flying was always best thing there along with classic Wall Jumping. I really missed it in 1.21 so I made that "Icarus Wings" simple mod (like in Predator/Hunter as you have seen man). But it's not the same, doesen't require skills and is not that smooth - so bringing back to patched version REAL Circle Jumping Flying would be AMAZING change. I would probably only fly like in the old times.

So far (almost 2 years) I couldn't find anybody who would say it's possible. Code for it is deep inside and would be mirracle to see it working on 1.21. However even miracles can happen.

Zi could finally bring old in-game server list 8 months ago to CryMP.Net client which (after over year of the network already that time) I thought wouldn't be possible with our client mod. So this was a kind of mirracle - if programmer finds the way :)

So yeah that would be amazing. But I don't see anything to move from Crysis Wars here. Since we have map autodownloader for whole 2 years now (much better than that from Crysis Wars) - CW looks like a bit retarded sequel with blocked cool functions and glitches.

Thanks again. Maybe something is going to change in this case soon :)


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Yes, Crysis Wars has many interesting features blocked.
However, solution with "shift-strafing" wasn't so bad, what's more,
as an "unpatched" player I can say it was even better.
Such a little modification would encourage surely many players from Crysis Wars
to return to the Crysis 1.21. This may be also called "promod".
Regardless of whether we do that, would it be difficult to implement this in game as a mod?


Every man is the architect of his own fortune.
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Well, it depends, client doesn't use SDK for Crysis, so implementing whatever changing gameplay experience is kinda challenge, but I could try to do something about it

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