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I was thinking that...

There should be a platform for live streaming on CryMP and Youtube! For showing server action during game!
So you can just access with an internet connection and whitness the most thrilling action with the most
impressive FPS ever!

Well, there would be a huge load on admins' servers. But it doesn't matter! It would be fun!
:D :D xD



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Very great idea of course. But wouldn't it be better to have those people playing as bigger group istead of watching it only ? Nowadays watching other people playing is more popupar than just playing the game - and it's not a joke :) It's really crazy.

If this kind of watching live events on Youtube would be able to bring more players to servers - yes that's even better idea.

The problem that we have now is that after trying hard for 2 years to bring, develope and promote new game modes and maps for this MP - we still have players only on Mesa and Refinery all the time:) (without those 2 maps 80% of people don't even jon servers during the week) Even during Friday/Saturday events those maps are helping when people don't want to play IA classic or custom maps. So streaing this over and over again wouldn't be an attractive promo.

If it was possible as we wanted 2 years ago - I mean players on events on many different, custom maps, brand new mods, etc - that would be amzing experience to watch it live, with nice quality and in interesting environment - and that would bring more players for sure. But actions that we can show right now - is like I was saying. 2 PS maps and that's it :)

I think that right now recording and uploading videos of CryMP.Net fun is still good enough as it was for last 2 years to show how this fun works. Especially if it can show many different things each time.

Thanks for the idea though man.

Something to think about in the future :) Unless servers will turn empty for a while again.


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I've been watching some gameplay from GermanCrysis and CryMP. I have seen that, they can move faster and have more energy. Maybe it's client settings. It seems that their clients are different than mine. Also I watched some games from Crysis WARS; its UI is much better than this one from Crysis 1. It's more detailed. Where can I buy this. Is it an upgrade?


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Where, who is moving faster and have more energy ? it all can be set on server side, both speed and energy consumption but I still don't know what/where you mean :)

CW? - UI makes game better somehow ? You can always change style and colors in your game/user settings but is it really important.
CW is much slower and limited, not faster unless you change settings on server side. You can't wall jump there (uless you're using mod which is not as good) or use some useful glitches. You can play CW in this network: but there are not many players - even less than 20% there than here. Besides Crysis 1 is really much better MP to have fun with.

If you want to play some Crysis Instant Action - you can send me private message at and we will set some meetings even during the week in the evenings. No problem. Depends ONLY on you.

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