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Guys, I would highly appreciate if someone told me how to create own CGF and use it ingame (+ spawn by LevelDesigner)
I just need to copy original object and assign different material to it, and save it with custom name for later use by LevelDesigner

Anyone? :D Freebo?


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Well I was making my custom objects for Crysis last time around 3 years ago - but as far as I remember I managed to do it with free, basic version of SketchUP 6 (for modeling) and convert it with ColladaCGF to use it as Crysis objects. It was working quite nice - even though it's not comfortable to use - especially because of textures replacement that is required later (in code of object styles). But it was possible.

I made only around 10 simple buildings using this way because my plans were ruined by GameSpy death annoncment and future CryMP.Net works :) So I had no chance to fully develope 3D Crysis models designing as much as I wanted so far (still on the list after "retirement").

I'm not sure if Sketchup 6 is good enough for very advanced objects though (like 3D Studio for example). I just know that converting it from Sketchup 6 was the only working way that I've found after long time of searching and testing during GameSpy times.

So it depends on what you want to achieve. Maybe there is some other way than this - but since Sandbox2 is "dead" engine I wouldn't be so optimistic about that.

I have in my future plans to work on some 100% custom objects to create 100% custom map probably next year or at least in 2018 - but it's gonna require a lot of time to do that. Anyway I think I'm going to go back to those "primitive" methods again during that proccess.

PS: BTW - I was trying to spawn custom CGF objects in early 2015 by LevelDesigner - and it worked somehow (I don't remember now how exactly because I moved somewhere those files - but yes it was possible) - unfortunately textures were not spawning with it somehow - and of course whole object had to be as CGF on client/user side to spawn for user. But it's obvious.

Anyway - I'm not sure if custom CGF spawned by LD can look as perfect as custom CGF on custom maps :) So it's another story. Theoretically should be possible but Crysis is full of bugs so you never know what's gonna happen.


Every man is the architect of his own fortune.
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Thank you, I will try that, there is no advanced architecture, I just wanted to make colorful objects for Pure map, so it feels nicer, so all CGF will be downloaded to every client :)


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Yeah that would bring some life to Pure. Like Mirror's Edge old color race/run/jump abstract maps maybe :) Pure would have colors like that. Can be fun :)

And I was thinking last year to use this custom CGF (which spawn I was testing) + auto downloaded objects for future version of more advanced LevelDesigner. It would work a bit like Minecraft mode. I have never played and never will play Minecraft but I know this kind of "building" from bricks/cubes is fun for many so why not in Crysis since it's best and most universal MP :). But that would need custom cubes for sure.

Like at least 10-20 different cubes with different styles, colors, textures (wood, glass, ground, grass, brick) to spawn with LDgun, move around with arrows (almost the way it already works now) and build cube/lego/minecraft world from that in real time in Crysis MP with unlimited creativity.

But that would take some time to prepare many of this kind of objects/textures + adjust whole mode to me bore flexible, to make choosing which brick to spawn with one click (like number or just name of material in chat "!wood"). Some idea for no-fight events and fun.

Still - it's very possible in the future as soon as .CGF with .mtl / style files are being downloaded while entering special "LD fun server". First step for it.

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