Big hacker


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unbelievable, there is still hackers here,
in the server ultimate fight there is this guy (la-bouche), use kill hack speed hack and fly and no admin are connected... and he kill everyone.


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Hello. sorry i dont know how create new post.I upload video with cheater smirnoff he run all time like idiot.never shot in long distance. all time run like Forest and kill 1-3 bullet in 0.5 seconds. time for ban


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It's Raz
Hi everyone :)
It went too far with this newbie called smirnoobot,
the #1 of all times :) as he dreams.
He is using cheats for a long time now (aimbot short distance), its getting very annoying for the few honest good old players who want to enjoy a fun fair late saturday night like myself and my very cool friends. I don't know, admins are too dumb to see it? or they simply allow it for him.


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Have you been trying to contact admins of those servers already Raz? I've done it 2 months ago - at least about some of those servers - and the feedback was that this player is 100% legit and 100% trusted.

Thanks a lot for the video Sashs - but since as you know - I wasn't on server with him - only on friendly events - I can't confirm hacking obviously. For me it's 50/50. And I asked him personally, on live chat - around 2 months ago whether he was or not hacking - and he said he wasn't.

What are my feelings about it it's different thing. First of all I would have to fight with him to tell. Can't base opinions on feelings obviously.

So for last 2 months there was no solid proof for this hacking. Even though many players were reporting it and Even though it feels like it in some situations. Nobody can prove it to this day. That's why admins of those servers won't react since they probably 100% trust him or something.

On my servers it's a bit different story - there even just annoying or insulting is enough to be asked out, muted or banned next time. Hacking isn't even required. But that doesn't matter because not much fights going on there anyway.

So please try to post some solid proof and send it to admins of servers where you think this player is hacking. I'm sure that would work the way you want it.

Good luck.


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Hi, the video is recorded on a laggy server but even if it was recorded on decent server you cant tell from spectator mode if he is cheating or not in my opinion.

To Freebo: Whats the solid proof?

I think he can just aim really well, go close to his opponent because he feels more confident in close fights maybe because he has higher mouse sensitivity. And after all I dont believe someone would cheat this way after GameSpy died and Crysis almost aswell, what kind of people would do that?

However, this kind of thing should be admins job who analyze some data, like headshot percentage compare to other players or something like that, or detect it somehow if its possible(Idk). I know on 1.0 players back then could easily use norecoil with longpoke and never be detected.

To Smirnoff: Post a video on youtube to close the discussion.


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Thx Raz.Thx Freebo.Thx Lukas. We asked him to record the video many times.He refuses


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Smirnoff=SadamHussein old nab with hacks Bosnian ip !!!! he make deslikes in video with smirnoff. nab detected!


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Just for the order. Here is the rest of interesting conversation
Answering the question: "Smirnoff = SadamHusein?"

If you're interested - please copy the address below to your browser's window to check the rest out:

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