Please, Update your CryMP client


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Hi guys, can you advise,

Tryed to initiate the Muliplayer shortcut and am redirected to /update.html

Being asked to:

Please, update your CryMP client
An update is required in order to continue playing on CryMP servers, to do so, click the button below and proceed with installation.
Thanks for your understanding and being a part of CryMP!

In case of any problems, please, write on forum.

Can you say if this is being rolled out as standard?

When I click the download button, McAfee warns 'Very Risky'..... Of course this could just be McAfee being wrong....!

I'm just checking it's good to go ahead.

Regards and thanks.



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I downloaded Installer.exe scanned it with McAfee and it found no risk... But when I tried to Run file Windows said it may be a risk to the computer......

Can you confirm that the exe is a CryMP Network legit app....




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Hi. Yes. It's a new installer prepared by Zi. The difference is it's .exe file now (not like that old installer that we had for 3.5 years - it was .msi before - so was not being treated as risky file).

So as you know all .exe files are treated as risky by Windows (which is fine). I didn't like it being .exe though since I don't trust unknown .exe files - and I thought some people would have problems with accepting it - but It's legit file.

It works great as it should.

The only issue is it looks like some unknown program. As any other .exe (wich can be anything = risky). And it's unknown for Windows of course - so this is why you get the message. Would be hard to make windows know this file I guess since it's unofficial installer.

But it's not a virus if you were asking about it. Worth installing.

BTW If it was not from domain address - you shouldn't trust it for sure. Just in case you get other links from somebody in the future. Only from and it's sumbdomains are legit.


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Hi freebo,

Thanks for getting back to me man, really appreciate it.

It was official CryMP Network as when it asked if you had any problems to click forums and took me right to your page, so I figured it was you guy's, just thought I'd ask to be on the safe side...

Thanks again Freebo. All the best dude....:)


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I ran the exe and got two shortcuts on my desktop... Clicked on one of them, game loaded, went to multiplayer, went to internet game, all the servers are there... Tried to join a game and got as far as loading map, (not downloading) just straight in loading and got returned to desktop, at which point I noticed the two shortcuts had vanished.

Tried to load a game several times, re-booted my computer, tried again, no joy...

Now when I try shortcut it loads and shows me as DaJunkie but asks me to sign in... Didn't have to before? Tried that no joy...

Can you advise please.

Thanks man



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Game.log is saying MMX not present.... and 3DNow not pressent... ???????



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Hey again. Sorry to hear that. Seems like strange reaction. I have no idea why you're experiencing problems like that.

I guess it's better to let Zi answer this question. A bit of patience please.

In the meanwhile please post what system you have exactly and is it 32 or 54 bits. This may help a bit.

Thanks and good luck.


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I think the reason the shortcuts vanished and maybe why the MMX and 3DNow not present is McAfee Quarantined:

Game.exe Real Protect-EC! 03F8C3CAA025......

Should I restore this file..??? I'm guessing it should be safe....?




SOK Leader. Cryderion Slayer.
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You need to disable your antivirus program for Crysis. The error that occured is an access error. (MMX,3DNOW)


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My System name MSI

System model GT73EVR 7RE GTX 1070

System Type x64-based PC. Intel i7-7820 Windows 10

Thanks guy's...


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Thanks Aigami

I'll do that...


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It may be the reson because my Avast was also trying to block game.exe a while ago - or put it into quarantine. Sometimes I have to disable Avast software to install things.

If you don't feel like trying to restore game.exe - please leave it for now and wait for Zi's answer here.

It's for you to decide. In my opinion it should be safe but since I was always very safe with files installed on my PC - maybe I would just wait here for answer before restoring it.

Unless you just can't wait and have to play right now. I would wait. But should be safe to restore anyway - I don't have problems with it - so good luck.


SOK Leader. Cryderion Slayer.
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Thats why you should not install such Junk like Avast Antivirus or McAfee Antivirus. Just consuming CPU Performance. In my opinion Windows 10 WinDefender works better than both previous mentioned programs together. If you really need a good antivirus program you should change to Malwarebytes. The problem you have mentioned before is definitely caused by your antivirus.


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Thanks Freebo, I'll take your advice and wait, least it wont harm to wait.

Thanks for all you help man.


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Yes Aigami, I am starting to think you are right, McAfee does a decent job on one level but it is a pain. Time to change.

Cheers buddy, I'll hang on for Zi, see what he advises, but thanks for all your input.... :)


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modern versions of Windows and antivirus solutions treat all executables without valid digital signature as something dangerous. Even downloading files from website without HTTPS is treated as dangerous. Same with login on such websites. You may have noticed that your browser marks website as unsecure or something like that. It's going to be even worse in the future, but sadly, trusted SSL certificates are expensive and code signing certificates are even more expensive. Especially EV certificates (these are automatically considered as safe). So it's not easy to obtain these things for small non-commercial projects like CryMP.

To your problem: "game.exe" is added by the installer and it's used to launch Crysis. 32-bit version of this file lives in Bin32 directory and 64-bit one in Bin64 directory. These are the only .exe files added by the installer and both don't have any digital signature so McAfee preventively blocked them and removed desktop shortcuts pointing to them. The best solution is to restore the game.exe files. By the way, McAfee is probably the worst garbage which was ever created. No offense, just little advice. :)

I hope the problem is going to be resolved soon for you. Several other players also reported some problems with the update, but for most players it's just fine.


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About Avast.

I agree Avast IS a junk. I have Avast only on other PC which I use to test things - I don't treat it as serious software ever and it is bringing more problems than help. But there are periods I don't have AVG on that - so just in case Avast is there.

On this/main PC I'm using AVG for last 5 years, not expensive - and works very well. I'm using Win7 5 years now - and I never had any serious virus infection thanks to AVG. Believe me or not - I work on PC 15 hours a day - So this Win7 was working already 25.000 hours - and didn't have to reinstall or fix my Windows 7 for whole 5 years. AVG plays a huge part in it for sure.

I feel 100% secure with it. But yeah Avast - I wouldn't use it on my main PC, even though many people I know are using it. I wouldn't recomend it ever.

I think 15$ - 20$ a year (sometimes just 5$) - for AVG as firewall and anti-vir is really worth the money. Using free solutions even directly from Microsoft wouldn't give me this confidence. That doesn't mean we're not being spied. That only means third part software is not allowed to mess with our system thanks to things like AVG.


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Thanks guy's I have UPDATE for you..

To Comrade, thanks for your input.

To Freebo, I get what your saying, and thanks man.... Update... I contacted McAfee and had them remote assist my computer, the guy has restored the file in question; game.exe I opened the game again and was able to enter, it runs fine now....

The technician For McAfee asked me to send email stating False file and giving the file name... I will do this shortly..

He said doing this, the file will be added to their library and should help with other gamers having same issue.

Guy's thanks again for all your help, very much appreciated

Over and out



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OK. Nice to see that it's working after restoring.

But I'm sure those exe files, both: installer and game.exe can be a problem for some players and their anti-vir software in the future - to connect the game. There is no perfect solution though. So we have no choice.

Let's just hope it won't cause serious problems. If so... RIP Crysis MP. Thanks to this network - It lives 4 years longer than GameSpy would allow. So it's not so bad.

But internet is getting more and more sick now. 4 Years ago I thought CryMP.Net could last for 20 years. And I really meant those 20 years that time, even though I was considering few problems already and things which can happen.

Right now - I'm not sure about months because of constant changes in internet rules. It can stop any day. Literally. Internet is NOT for the people as many naive would think. Our petitions or debates won't be even treate seriously. You check Google or Youtube cases. Changers are never FOR the users. We have to adjust or dissapear. Never know the closest future. At worst - LAN can be always an option.

Use the network and play with many others while you can though. Crysis MP is worth it.

Anyway - Have fun DaJunkie! At least you can play now - for a while.


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Wow Freebo, it hit's hard when you put it like that, I hadn't thought the net was not for the people, but it makes more sense when I think about it.

The world is a changing my friend, who knows what it will look like in 10 years time, less even.

Play long and play hard, at least for the time being.

I appreciate the efforts of guy's like you and the others, even if we are only talking gaming.

So big up thanks buddy. It's a generous thing you do here.



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Sorry that I'm late but I'm out of my country lately, Comrade is basically right, antiviruses simply treat executables without signature as suspicious, thing is, since CryMP is nonprofit, affording certificate with few years validity in order to sign executable that costs about 300$ is pretty damn much. There is nothing to worry about, after all new client is fully open source, so in case of mistrust, anyone with coding skills can review the code and make his own executables


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Zi thanks for the confirmation

Wow Freebo, it hit's hard when you put it like that, I hadn't thought the net was not for the people, but it makes more sense when I think about it.

Since you addressed it DaJunkie - I will give you just a private hint - but it's just a tip of the iceberg.
I won't expand it here on forum. Just few thoughts for your eyes only.

Warning 100% off topic. Dismiss that below, nothing to see here.

About internet - Let me put it this way. As we all know internet was released to the public in the early 90's - just like TV was in the 50's. Here is the hint: How hard is to see and know what was the purpose of TV in the 50's (and is still) besides the entertainment - as official version? The purpose is not a secret of course. Even Wikipedia tells it. It was planned to be a tool in hands of some groups to "create opinions", "controll" and show "fabricated facts". People know it. Yet they forget about it and go with the "program". (there is where "Televison Program" comes from btw - it was programming us)

Now - believing - like we all have for years - that so amazing thing like internet, which would be obviously dangerous in plain people's hands, was anyway released from government usage (which was created for obviously) to private hands just for free - just to make people more happy, make them more free and let them share their "own" opinions in privacy - is way more than naive. You have to admit that.

It's just more advanced version of what TV was doing for 60 years. Now with internet it's not only showing what to do or what to know and what to think - but it's also knowing what certain people are thinking, what they are doing and what is needed to make them change their opinions if needed - and sometimes make them become keyboard wariors to fight on behalf of controllers like mindless sheeps.

Well it would be still quite neutral - like it was in 90's and early 2000 - but what's happening now (last 6 years) with 24/7 smartphones planted directly in people's brains, FB BS replacing whole internet and other stuff - shows clearly what it's all about, and finally it reveals what was the purpose of internet right from the start. Easy to see especially to those who don't ignore those obvious symptoms.

Besides, more lates regulations over internet users, when the user has less and less rights and has no influence on those new changes whatsoever (changes made "for their good" allegedly) - makes it all even more clear. So believing that internet is "for the people" simply keeps alive the illusion which is opposite to the reality. To know all that - we don't need to read about it anywhere - or follow anybody.

Because you've got it 100% right DaJunkie - 15 minutes of independent thinking is enough to see the real picture. You said "it makes sense when you think about it" - Exactly - Yet 90% of people don't think independently anymore. Some will fight you even if you show them the evidence.

And here comes the best part:
This is exactly the proof that TV, internet, FB and smartphones - are working the way they were designed to. Most of the people can't think any more thanks to those "amazing gifts" which they allegedly received to make them "free", "independent" and happy to contact people and share opinions. Keyboard warriors will fight with you on behalf of the illusion.

So better... Shhh... and don't tell anyone. Just let's pretend we don't know.
Nobody will find out and we can continue our adventure with internet freedom as before.

oops... google is already scanning this post. my bad. too late. oh.. damn it.

Have fun.


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This client- its total shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 days i join in all servers 20 minutes each. and game very very lag and crash all time!

Where all players? with new client all servers empty


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Interesting info Sashs. This client seems fine to me personally. But maybe it wasn't tested long enough. Maybe people really can't join. I'm not an expert of this version. It was supposed to be safer and more universal client - so this was the reason for the change and worked good for testers. I loved some new features of it.

So if it really don't work for people - I don't know. You need to ask other people for their opinion. If it's really that bad - maybe we will have to return to previous version of client.

Unless some fix is possible - but only Zi is the master of clients here. So if you see the problem you need to descibe it with details. Zi will finally find the way for sure - at worst (if it really don't work for people) previous version would be the only solution.

Otherwise network dies right in the moment when it was the most alive and players most active every day. Changes are always risky - but it's the only way to progress with things.


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Hi Freebo,even by the number of players on the servers in recent days can be seen,that something is wrong with new client.


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Ok thanks for noticing that. I wasn't checking the list for last few days. I just check forum. So i didn't know.
Let's wait for the weekend and opinion of others. We will know in 2-3 days probably. Thanks again and relax.
Maybe it's some kind of coinsidence only... or maybe not. See you later.


Every man is the architect of his own fortune.
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What is your CPU? Maybe try changing game.exe in shortcut to Crysis.exe
If more complaints come, I can put back old client (you will only have to install it using old installer again)


Every man is the architect of his own fortune.
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And after you using 32 bit or 64 bit version? If 64 bit, try 32bir and see if it crashes as often


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Hi Zi. i7-8700K,32gb memory and gtx 960 i use 32 bit crysis exe and win 10 64 bit


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Sash, Hi ,
Do you know anything about mining?! ;)


Every man is the architect of his own fortune.
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Well, update is not forced anymore, you can download old client from CryMP page and install it over again


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Do you know anything about mining?! ;)
Well, update is not forced anymore, you can download old client from CryMP page and install it over again
ok,thx Zi


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What about forcing for all old/previous client for a while (before fixing the new one - if even possible ever). If none is forced for all, there will be different clients in usage again which brings (as it was before) ID problems. Everybody should use the same version of client to connect servers. Even though for some of us newest works fine - we shouldn't be allowed to use it before fixing.

If latest one is a problem for even 25% - previous should be forced for everybody (even those who want to use newest one and those who are using the one before previous).

Maybe it's done this way already ? - but since I'm not sure if it works this way now - for the sake of consitency - which is important - I'm mentioning it just in case.

Thanks for taking it into consideration.

PS. I really love the new client but since it works only for some group of people it has to be foreced out. It's like with mods I put on my servers/maps - some work perectly for few people but I still remove them because other half of people is experiencing bugs with them - so for consistency is better to lock those effects/mods for everybody than make it work for some and make it spoil the fun of others. It's sad but I had to do it many times. Sometimes poor version which is more stable should be the main one as long as it don't spam us with bugs.


Every man is the architect of his own fortune.
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New client can do everything that old client can, so there is no mess around profile IDs, those are consisntent for now


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Yeah I know. But misterSD already reported some issues about that today here: /forum/thread/349/_Fun_and_Fight__presentation__ch#p2362 if it's not consistent with what old client was doing it's bad. But hard for me to test it.


Every man is the architect of his own fortune.
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If something suddenly doesn't work, blame it on new client... it's that simple...


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Yeah it can be the case here. I can't test it so misterSD has to figure it out by himself.


Crysis player & modder
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well, I see that we called me here.
So I will explain the most possible the "bug" that I noticed.

What did I noticed exactly ? simple :
recently I added the "hide system" that consist to set fake ip; fake hostname and fake profile id to predefined players (me in the current fact, you are in this list Freebo so you can test it easy too)

the fact you have to know : with cryfire when a player connect, server show in console all informations about him to all moderators and above.

so before the new client : when I joined, the server showed fake informations about me to moderators when I joined the server, because the !validate worked before the connection.

now with the new client, the problem is that : the !validate is slowly and apparently it no longer scan you when you connect, that mean server show me as profile id 0 (same for all other players btw) and then, the hide system don't know to me and show my real informations.

This bug also affect the vpn detection : I protected profile id 0 (to avoid server ban everyone when it ban a single player).
however to the vpn detection I have found a solution : every 10 seconds it check all players online...

well I didn't know what I will do, maybe I will simply disable informations loged in console if zi; don't solve the problem.


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Where is all players? all days 2-8 players only,and all noobs,what happened?

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