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When I opened crysis and seen the status of servers, I thought why this comunity doesn't have large numbers of players like cod servers etc.

Because they call their friends to game and their community gets larger and larger. Why don't we do that?

We can call crysis fans and our friends to this crysis community so this community can live longer. And some people can upload more videos to youtube and we can get larger and larger.


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right. the people come here to download the mod and play crysis multiplayer than they see servers are empty, simply; they leave.

if we want this mod alive forever, then we need to get in action and do something for *stay alive* :D


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John117 - Hi! Good question. We didn't figure out the answer so far :) The problem with empty servers and explaining the snow balle effect after 1 player joins - was also explained to hundreds to players personally, even message over servers list is asking people to join empty servers - because others will join after that - but didn't help much :)

And yes - we've been encouraging people to promote the network for over 4 years. Still there've been just few people beside us who were doing it on a very small scale on their own. - didn't help much again.

From our side - both video tutorials about the network starting from 2014 had already over 30.000 views together - but as you can see it doesn't mean a lot.
Also Event compilation alone had 4.000 views: - to help it a bit, not much. Since nobody ever pasted it on social media enough number of times.

Promoting it on Steam forum and few Youtube channels of our players with new videos about events also didn't help much, even though few had a lot views and people were literally asking about it in comment section hundreds of times, promising they will play it.

So official promotion was finished long ago I guess. Since 2016 - all depends on users telling their friends. But here also I can say that during last years - there were many who said they will tell their friends and bring them and nothing has changed, even they stopped playing after few weeks and didn't return even to Friday or Saturday fight events :)

I guess there is no way to make it more popular than it is right now (unless you're owner of 1MLN subscribers Youtube gaming channel)

There are too many new games now to play for people and the group of real Crysis fans who loves the game over other games is not a huge group.

One very funny thing to mention is that after 4 years of network being on Youtube in promo videos and in Google search lists - still there are many old Crysis players who don't know about network's existence - so they didn't join here, even though they would love to play Crysis MP again.

Which is strange because all they needed to type for 4 last years in google was "how to play Crysis 1 multiplayer" 'Crysis MP" and frases like that :) - and they would know about it already 4 years ago

I have no idea what's going on with that. People are not using google anymore to find answers or what ? :) This is the mystery or some kind or "the bad luck" of this network, or a "curse" :) Or maybe people simply don't care - and that explains it all :)

But to sum it up the first 2 years were about gaining players but last 2 years we keep the same level of active players. Number doesn't drop or grow.
It's fine and I think it's going to remain like that for years.
Unless like Ckaptain61 has said - some players will really start active promotions on social medias among their friends, or something like that.
But I personally doubt it - considering the experience of last 4 years and 1 extra month of this network's existence :)

Anyway thanks a lot for bringing back the subject.
Who knows maybe you can be the one who will make that change and miracle happens. Good luck with that.

If you feel the power - would be great. You never know :) Thanks again.


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Is it possible to join forces with CryServ to make ONE united Crysis multiplayer mod format?
They often have more than a few players online. (right now 12-15 players online there, here = 0) and it seems foolish to have two separate ways to play mp (can't play with both I think)
I haven't tried them yet though, so don't know if it's good.


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Not just that. It would be cool to have some bigger "events" where you can see 10 - 20 Players on one map.


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TunSalat: "Is it possible to join forces with CryServ to make ONE united Crysis multiplayer mod format?"

No man. You're not getting the point :) Maybe that's because you're still pretty new here. And it also looks like you didn't know about before and changed to lately. Which is also over 4 years old as CryMP.Net :)

We can't "join forces" of two different games.

CryServ is as old as CryMP.Net and it's also based on Zi's scripts for network - multiplayer connecting. If we wanted to join the forces - we would have done that 4 years ago already - because what owner Bernd did there for Crysis Wars was a great thing. He didn't add solutions that we have here - but he had other great things which helped a lot on Crysis Wars servers. So it's amazing that he is still keeping it alive there. Yes he is being supported by the money of players to keep servers going but I think it's high quality solution there so it's his way to do that.

The thing is we can't "join forces" because CryServ is Crysis Wars and we are Crysis 1 MP - to make it short :)

The difference is so huge in the game - you can't drag players from one to another. Unless they don't care about playing Crysis 1 - so they are there already anyway and you can't change it :)

TunSalat: "(right now 12-15 players online there, here = 0)"

Man. Stop spreading disinfo. Sometimes I didn't see any players on CryServ for few days (in 2016,2017) and we had 10-15 at the same time having fun here.

Besides - what you're talking about there - is "Crysis Wars". As you know Crysis Wars was latest "patch" of Crysis 1 MP (in a way) and it was considered by people ignoring Wall Jumping and CJ-Flying always as the best version.

So obviously those who don't care about WJ during the fight - they will play Crysis Wars. On Big maps most of the time.

Crysis Wars will always have more players - no matter what you do. And Crysis Wars lovers will always hate Crysis 1 MP as an old game, version full of bugs and (amazing) glitches.

The thing is Crysis Wars is simply not Crysis 1 MP :) - it's useless for most of us.

I know there are mods even for bringing back WJ for Crysis Wars but the game is different and the only reason to move to Crysis Wars is 100% death of Crysis 1 MP. When Not even one player plays here :) Never going to happen in my opinion. But obviously Crysis Wars will suck in more players - as "the latest, new version of Crysis MP, without glitches". Different stuff.

So you can't compare Crysis 1 MP with Crysis Wars in terms of number of players :) It's like comparing Battlefield 3 with Battlefield 4. Obviously Battlefield 4 (not to mention BF1/BF5 now) has a little more players but BF3 is much better in many ways, forgotton only because it's older.

People are moving to new games. As far as I know most of players don't know that Crysis 1 MP is better, because when they started to play Crysis Wars was the latest version, they don't even know Crysis 1 had Multiplayer - so they never went back to even check Crysis 1 MP. Some just think Wars is better because it came out 1 year later - so has to be "better" right :).

We're here for Crysis 1 - so this is the point. There is no reason in joining the forces unless you mean PROMO of here and CryMP.Net there.

But we always promote anyway - At least I always do it since 2014 - if somebody is asking on my YT channel "is this also for Crysis Wars" I say "No, it's Crysis 1 - for Crysis wars please use" - and this is the way it goes for years. What would be the change ?

Lycor: "Not just that. It would be cool to have some bigger "events" where you can see 10 - 20 Players on one map."

No it wouldn't work this way. Because if somebody wants to play Crysis 1 MP he has to use our servers and if he wants to play Crysis Wars he goes there. So there would be no change in number of players on servers/events (unless you want to list Crysis Wars servers on our server list ? What kind of promo for CryMP.Net and Crysis 1 MP would that be ? It would kill it just like some servers are here more popular than others not because they are better but because there are more players there :) so new people are joining that unknowingly ending up bashed or dead :)

CryServ is alive along CryMP for over 4 years and that didn't make people leave Crysis 1 MP for CryServ or the otherway.

I know many people who wouldn't like to play Crysis Wars when they can play Crysis MP. Who prefer to play with 4 people here than with 14 there. Crysis Wars is not just as good. I'd say we'd rather play Crysis 2 (modded MP) than Crysis Wars. Because Crysis Wars is not giving anything more than Crysis 1 MP - it's poor version of Crysis 1 MP :)

You can have different opinion. I'm just explaninig why there is no such thing as "joining forces" since we are promoting eachother anyway. But still - Crysis Wars will win for most of players always - it's like Mesa is always wining with Steel Mill. Even though, gameplay there is slow and takes hours. It's just easier for most of players. Same as Crysis Wars is comparing to Crysis 1 MP :) Doesn't require so many skills and training.

Anyway... excuse my explanation... "short" as always. Have fun no matter what ;)


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Haha ok thanks for short explanation.
Well I like it here, don't need the other. And we have forum, community etc.
Just wondered why it was divided into 2 different places. Now I see

And yes, sometimes there more players here than there, so I guess it varies a lot.
But it's not a competition! ;)


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I just meant to have bigger events with 10 or more players at a specific day. But as so often you do not get it :).


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Lycor: "I just meant to have bigger events with 10 or more players at a specific day. But as so often you do not get it :)"

I, we don't get what ? The discussion was about CryMP and CryServ and you just said about JUST BIG events on Specific day ?
Where were you for the first 4,5 years of the network ? We were hosting events on Fridays and Saturdays, every week, Youda on Saturdays, Zi on Saturdays when Youda wasn't there and me on every friday for few months in a row - each year. No matter the weather, number of players, health condition. We were there.

Hosting it for players for at least 4 hours each time no matter who was there and how many people wanted to join. You can watch videos about that - it's all on this website on Events website - just in case you didn't know :)

I get what you mean by that But it's like you coming here and saying "Hey guys why don't you create network for Crysis, would be fun to play this game" :) Makes the same sense.

So your idea about Bigger Events for more than 10 players was already working for 4 years - but even this didn't help in some weekends and we were waiting on server for 4 hours someties and just having fun with 2-3 guest there (luckily we could jump, fly and talk at least).

So what's your point and idea exactly since you've mentioned this "new" idea?

If you ask me I will host Friday events in spring again - IA fight events or even PS on Mesa Nostalgia (old server will be back) - but this doesn't mean there will be always more than 10 players. Sometimes I had on my IA event 15 players and 20 on Mesa event but sometimes nobody was there for whole friday - and just 2-3 players at the same time on some other server. It's normal.

Nobody can force anybody to play. People play other games, have work, school, go on vacations and other things - so there will be NEVER more than 25 players on one server (it was max last spring - 2018). And no matter what you do - even on best server - sometimes you will get just 10 players for few weekends in a row :) and Sometimes out of nowhere 20 or more. The other time just 3 players and no more from 20:00 - 24:00 - and you can't help it unless you pay people to play. This would help - but we want real players who want to play on their own.

If you really want this kind of magical events where you will always have more than 10 players, every Saturday or every Friday - you can create your own and if you put effort in that and wait few hours for players every week, leaving your other life activities just to wait there - maybe you can have even 25 players if you try hard.

The great thing of CryMP.Net is that anybody can create server and anobody can host Event. I will do that again after few months of break - but you can do it already, Tomorrow - and maybe your server will be most populated. Maybe you're more lucky than we were for 4 years.

But you need to be there each time for few hours, no matter if there are only 2 players or 10. Can you sacrifice your free time for that? Hide the pride of admins and host server even for 2 - 3 players few weekends in a row, waiting for more to come? If so I will promote your event on Events website. Just create your server, bring few people there and test it. No problem. Can be fun.

So I don't know what "I don't get here" ? Your idea about events for 20 players - which was done here many times ? Sorry we have put hundreds of hours just to promote this network on Videos in Google, answer questions and help individual, new players, host many different servers for people, create server options, new things and bringing back old ones, create regular events, resign from going out during weekends jut to be here for players and host event the right time, with the right settings - and we can't do anything more.

You are free to do anything you want and maybe you will have great success with that :) but throwing idea about "Events for more than 10 players on specific day" and saying that me or we don't get that has to be a joke or something :)

Are you really playing here just for 1 month - like your account is saying? I hope not. Because if you're really here just now - you have no idea about all things we've been trying here for 4,5 years (luckily dozens of videos are showing that) - investing time and money, ideas and giving players options - It will never work better than it does right now in my opinion.

Unless you will promote this network on 1 MLN subscribers Multiplayer, Crysis friendly Youtube Channel, put live-streeming of events there - yes that would help to get maybe even 50-60 players at best playing at specific day on one or two servers :) But I doubt even this would help - who cares about old Crysis.

As you can see there are 4.5 K registered users there. Tutorial about how to play have been watched over 20.000 times. And you still won't find more than 15-20 players (25 as a world record) on one server - during weekends - on event times. So what's your idea.

Trust me, we play it non-stop, observing everything and I can describe you with details every year, what was going on here, what changes has been made, how many new players came and how many stopped playing just after 2 first weeks. There is no "gold method" for this. Maybe you have something fresh to test. If you're lucky it can be a miracle.

But as you said I/we don't get your briliant idea :) Thanks for sharing this brand new thought which nobody before you have ever tried here.

Let's just try it then. let's "have bigger events with 10 or more players". Let's do it. You can start first. Fingers crossed for you. I really mean that. Maybe you have special powers. We've lost our already. I just know people will always play here but how many and what day exactly - that depends on them not on admins. But maybe you can do it. That would be a great help. Thanks.


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Will talk to you when i meet you ingame :)


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Sure. No problem. Starting in April probably. I will be on-line for around 4 hours every weekend as before :) Because not many people will come probably - we will have a lot of time for conversations. As the matter of fact most of the time this is what we do there on servers with less than 5 players (happens). Parkour and talking is always fun for hours. But it depends on who is on server :)

Anyway maybe you will be able to prepare some special plan for more players on one server. As I said before. We've tried that for years, but none of us is a social genius (in terms of "forcing" players to play) or even a lucker who has lucky coincidences every time - and just by coincidence every time, accidentally many players are there at the same time. So who knows - maybe YOU will bring a change for the first time since 2014 and we will have 32 players every weekend on some server or even 64 (it's technically possible).

I will not try any "tricks" myself. I've put around 2 thousands (it's the fact no BS here) of hours in the whole project including mods, promo videos and all the maps (done even before CryMP.Net but used here after adjusting) - and from now - I simply can't do anything new - but to lead regular events with friends and others. Well sometimes add some new things on custom maps or change things on servers.

But I won't personally look for any new ways of promotion - since most of extra efforts were ending up as just time loss. But we had a hope for more than 20 players (at the same time) at the begining. You see I have other creative hobbies to support and invest time in. Things which had to wait for almost 4 years just because of CryMP.Net development (2014-2017). Now it's time for fun in Crysis, little adjustments (here and there) - but not for working anymore, especially when it's not effective in terms of number of players :) I think what we have now is enough for fun.

So if you've got some ideas now - maybe you will find an amazing way to bring more players on servers. Fresh and Effective. Some kind of revolution in the network. Really the luck is a strong factor here. Maybe you're lucky for a change.

My plans are that I will bring back my (2015) Mesa Nostalgia server, even though I prefer IA for events. So we can talk on both PS or IA events.

See you there on servers in April.
Untill that time you can try to create own server just for events. I wish you a good luck. Have fun with it.


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Many players online now! :)


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Exactly TunSalat :) I've seen around 16. So it's standard. But still far from 30. That would be a miracle :) Never happened for last 4.5 years so far. Who knows what 2019 can bring ;)

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