Area restriction doable ? Playable area extendable


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if there are less players on a server, is it doable to set a playable area ? That extend with more players ?


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Hi BestNoob

WAY #1

Yes there is a way. You can move restricted area just on server side (i've done it hard way in early 2014 by moving all points or resctricted area shape in map file on server side - but it takes hours to do without scripting and programming - Was working fine for Server version of Plantation Town map early server version: That was actually about making the map bigger (not unlimited though) not smaller - but the same rule - I've just moved also spawn points (you can check how it works on That requires messing with map files and is not fun to do at all. Stupid way. I just had no other way that time - it was before our network even existed. Raw times of GameSpy. But I can assure you it works just on server side even without any SSM :) Can restrict areas on PS to small ones.

That way works also on IA maps.
I've done it for Armada in 2015 - moving the fight area to the deck with closing some parts with solid objects spawned by level designer on server side - to the rest of the ship and moving spawn points up. All on server side.

Here is event from 2015 done on Server Side map like that - starts after Steel Mill at 6:00 :
- Just an example what can be done on server side with classic IS map - without using editor or autodownloader. You can make smaller maps out of big ones not just by moving restricted area points.

You can also create new small maps on existing maps just on server side - here's Boxing are on Autpost. Actually - outside that map. With spawnpoints and new objects outside:

Or this one made on Quarry in 2014 - outside it - No map downloading required - server side - limited area and new ideas:

WAY #2

BUT - Since we've got autodowloader 5 years now - You can also easily create your own version of Power Struggle map like Mesa and restrict Half of it - use your invention - by easily moving restricted areas just in editor. Best way even for "BestNoobs" - So players will download your version before playing - not a big deal now. This can help you to gather people in small area of huge PS maps. You can try that out in few minutes.

WAY #3
AND there is also the easiest way. And it's been done many, many times before. Doesn't require any skills or effort at all. They call it The "PoolDay"- way. But I'd recommend the way called "Steel Mill" or "Quarry" or "Steel Mill (PS version)". Good enough even for the fun of 4 fighters. This works pretty well. I wouldn't recommed "AimMap" way though - because in my opinion Crysis should be about freedom in open area not spending time in a prison cell 10m x 10m. But people like it anyway for some reason spending 5 hours in a row there. And that reason is not just aim training. So there are few options. Try them out.

Anyway - Good luck with your works. Have fun.


BestNoob is in da House !
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Hmm okay thx i will try. But would be cool if one of you can do this for me xD i spended a lot time into my servers and now im running out of time.


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Quote. But would be cool if one of you can do this for me xD i spended a lot time into my servers and now im running out of time.

Sure man ;) Don't worry about that too much. It can be bad for health. Just sit back and realax. We have all the time in the world and nothing better to do anyway. Enjoy the game and be happy. Service is comming as soon as possible.


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Freebo don't troll.. just say your price: 10.000 dollars :D


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TunSalat. Sorry man :) Nice try but in terms of Crysis works nothing can buy my time put in pojects. Even as much as 10.000 dollars can't :) This is the point. The idea is to encourage people to work on their own things, on their own, independent as possible ideas - to receive original creations on different maps and servers of people. Lazy ones or Sell-outs are not who I respect. I'm sorry. Even for 10.000 dollars I won't change it :) To tell you the truth - I'd rather give 10.000 dollars for people to develope Crysis 1 MP than take 1 dollar for 1 second of work. Yeah. I'm not "normal" for sure. That's nothing new.
Have fun.

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