28.09.2019 23:01:39Link to post

Allrighty then.

I will let you know in terms of real-time/live discussions. I'm online on my Crazy Truth Jump and Fly School - server every Friday at 20:00 CET till 23:00 CET... if you need live contact (not private)

You can always contact me on (private messages system or on live-chat there). I'm sure you don't have the account there - so I would need to add you there first.

But you need to request it first. Something to consider in the future.

See you later though.


Crysis player & modder
29.09.2019 08:42:33Link to post

Koenigsegg, I know well your server, Orange-Doctor got muted there for saying that the server was lagging. And you pretend that there is no mute command ? )

And kick a player for using shotgun because "shotgun is not fair" is legit maybe? Why not disable the shotgun at all if you really hate this gun so much.

Anyways, your server is not my business, I never played there (the only time when I tryed to join it I was kicked anyways), and with the many players's feedback that I have from discord, I have more reasons to not join it.

You can continue your little dictatorship and kick players without reasons if you want, all it will do is to make players join other servers so...


05.10.2019 13:18:09Link to post

To make a long story short. In a long way. After live discussions with both sides yesterday:

Anybody can do whatever he wants on his private server as admin. Unless he is insulting other players there. Even if somebody is hacking on his private server or kicking players - it's for users to decide whether they want to play there or not. There is no way to tell somebody what he should or shouldn't do on his own server. Wspecially when some admins don't even read forum or don't speak English. How do you want to even do that ? Let them be.

There is no no need for creating comments or bad publicity about some servers anymore. Please stop those discussions about nature of servers though. Private server, private party and weekly meeting should be in control of the creator. Just like it was with Youda's events 5 and 4 yearas ago.

After 5 long years there are still trolls visiting even my events and destroying them totally - and this is and always was a problem. Not what admins of certain server want to serve players there. Their thing, their choice.

Same was with misterSD who had his ideas on server 2 years ago and some players hated them. It was official server for a while and it was a problem - because those official ones needed to have special, ethical rules to promote the network and invite players - not to create expanding hate.

Not anymore anyway. Because when server is private - like misterSD's server was for a long time now - admin can create any, independent rules he wants. And if it's not insulting and trolling people - anybody admin has the right to do anything including kicking players he don't want there - would you keep punks from the street annoying your family and friends at your dinner party? If admin is acting too harsh - players (not us) will judge it and leave it or not.

Same thing with Koenigsegg's server which is private and anything can be going on there. Unless there are no insults there - it's none of our business.


It's none of our business to force rules on private servers. Even if those rules and actions of admins are illogical. Again - real problem are guests who destroy and troll private servers. Because it's like coming on somebody's home party and throwing shit all around on your guests. Psychopatic behavior like that can't be tolerated by civilized community. This should be always pointed out, especialy because this kind of destructive action doesn't require any effort - like work of admins did. It's just hate, negativity and bad emotions.

Please stop it - it won't get us anywhere. Try to create stuff and friendly atmosphere - people will play on those servers always. Thank you and have fun.


08.10.2019 03:01:04Link to post

Freebo: You can always contact me on (private messages system or on live-chat there). I'm sure you don't have the account there - so I would need to add you there first.

But you need to request it first. Something to consider in the future.

Have you added me to If not I am asking to be added as I have some very interesting things to share with you and the Crymp leadership.




13.10.2019 10:32:13Link to post

Oh yes, talking about cheaters! I tell my story.
Once I went to the server "something :)", I play and then a player comes in with a very positive and at the same time original nickname "ANAL".
He runs like сheetah and kills everyone with his fists all over the map. Sometimes it even flies, thinking that no one sees it. It seems to be the standards of the buguser, you would think that he just knows walljumping very well.
(( TunSalat, remember this player? ))

And the funniest thing, he justifies his super abilities by the fact that he has Intel as the processor in the PC, and the owners of Ryzen are rogue and Ryzen are the worst processor.
This statement alone deserves a ban.

In the end, so generally he threw me in jail :DDD


13.10.2019 11:58:08Link to post

That guy is called Cryderion. His salty tears become even more sour when he loses vs AMD Users. He is so ridiculous with his 1 click to the other side of the map cheat. I would not give much on his retarded AMD Bashing. He can not accept that AMD has better CPUs in 2019 than Intel. Classic Die Hard Intel fanboy.

Just avoid Server "something" and you will not face him again, because he is too stupid to install the crymp client thus he can not play on other Servers without getting kicked.

"In the end, so generally he threw me in jail :DD" - I do not know why Comrade does not permaban this Gaylord with his 2 broken Hands

#GetWellSoon #WhenTheRageQuitHappens #AMDRebellion #2ndWorldUser


13.10.2019 12:42:10Link to post

Well, server log contains everything. It seems you got jailed for insulting, but insulting itself is probably not a reason to use any admin or moderator power. I'll tell him not to do that again. I think that all those admin commands like !mute, !jail, !kick, or !ban should be used only as tool of last resort when everything else fails. That means admins and moderators should use these commands only against players who seriously break the game. And no, being better than most other players is not breaking the game. That situation when new players play against old skilled players is big problem, but it's not a reason to ban someone.

That brings me to the next part. The guy you talk about is just far better (in terms of skill) than most (all?) players who still play Crysis. I know that playing against him is pure nightmare, especially for new players. He's also quite rude sometimes, but it's his choice to be like that. On the other hand, he's loyal player who still actively plays Crysis, unlike most other skilled players who just left and started playing some trash games like CS:GO. He even records videos with his gameplay. So as i said, banning someone for being "too good" is not a valid reason to do that. In addition, his reason for being rude against, for example, new players, makes sense in some way. I always try to help new players when they have some problems, but the result is that 90% of them are just lazy one-day players anyway. So maybe such players don't deserve much respect. Who knows... :)

By the way, he plays only on 2 servers (something and 7OXICiTY), so as Lycor said, you can avoid playing against him easily.

Lastly, the new AMD processors are really nice, but in most real-world workloads (including Crysis) they are still way behind Intel processors. And in most games if you want to become skilled player, you need good FPS. No doubt about it. So he actually told you the truth.


13.10.2019 12:49:59Link to post

He just logged in and in 3 minutes (check logs) made himself a score of 26/3 (Killed / Died). Is this really possible to do in 3 minutes?
And just don't say that he is better than 99.9% of the players. This is unrealistic.

And it seems to me that he is changing nicknames.

Just avoid Server "something" and you will not face him again, because he is too stupid to install the crymp client thus he can not play on other Servers without getting kicked.
Unfortunately, only on this server online more than 1 person.


13.10.2019 14:41:41Link to post

He is better than 99,99% and is more brain damaged than 99,99%.


13.10.2019 17:28:50Link to post

Here's some video for you, but i think you shouldn't open it... You have been warned. :D

Also, "_Ivan_Gostev_" is different player.

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