Crysis video

  • Lukas

    Hi, I found some youtube video 2 weeks old about Crysis posted on youtube by some guy who has like 3 milions subscribers and there is a lot of people commenting it everyday, so I think we should let people know in the comments that there is still multiplayer "alive". Maybe it will convince someone to play, maybe not. There is the video:

  • Freebo

    Hi. Very good catch man. Thanks for sharing.

    For a moment I was hoping it's MP video this time when I saw your message. The problem is there are some very popular gaming people in 2017 making High Quality Crysis Videos. The problem is they never mention multiplayer there - and it always looks like watchers are also SP players most of the time. I have to admit that I don't get it since Crysis was always mainly MP for me personally - SP is just an extra feature in my opinion - I always forget that for most of the people it's exactly the opposite.

    But you're 100% right. Maybe we should comment on those SP videos of those 3 million subscribers guys. I didn't think about it before because every time when I see new HQ video on the big channel (saw it 2 times earlier this year somewhere) and it turns out to be SP only - I'm so disappointed that I don't do anything. But it's bad attitude. We should post info there. Maybe even start some MP discussion there. I have discussions and questions from new people on my YT channel about MP from time to time - but it's only by people who are looking for Crysis MP. Those who really put some effort.

    And most of those subscribers of big YT SP gaming channels probably have no idea that Crysis 1 ever had a multiplayer.
    Not to mention - that it still has it working - even better than ever before :)

    So please DO comment there with pieces of information about the network. Who knows. Maybe it's the only way on YT - besides posting MP promo on some huge YT channel as we were talking for years (which would be very hard to do).

    Maybe comments and discussions on those Crysis 1 SP - 1 million views videos can be good enough.
    Our new MP videos nowadays never go higher than 200 views for first 2 weeks :) That SP example you've pointed out - almost 1 million in less than 2 weeks :)

    So - thanks Lukas a lot for reminding about this option. Let's try that out with this and new videos on big SP channels in the future.

  • ali