Windows 10/ DX(?) / 50Hz /Retail Copy

  • Greece4Ever

    I am using Windows 10 and i want to install the game. I've tried a solution from youtube where you utilize Crysis Warhead files to get Crysis to run. i did manage to run it but i have the following problems.
    -The CryMp icon says "unsupported version of the game).
    -i can't seem to get off the 50Hz bug no matter how many times i alt-enter.(tried Dx9 and Dx10) I could get that off in the past.
    -Trying to play in Very High settings cause my screen to go wavy and i can't see anything. (tried Dx9 and Dx10)
    -i have no Vsync option.

    So, since i've been gone for a while, someone update me. Is there any other solution for the game to run with Windows 10?

    Edit... i managed to make Crysis Multiplayer (64bit) work, but when i click on the internet game part, i don't get the serves but it tells me to login

  • Comrade

    First of all, use original Crysis 1 files. Crysis Warhead is different game, so you can't use its files to play C1. It's actually very different in some aspects. For example, in Crysis Warhead there's no CryGame.dll file, because it's part of Crysis Warhead launcher (the EXE file). Sadly, internet is full of really stupid tutorials that are just wrong. This is just another example, because using files from Warhead for playing C1 is complete nonsense.

    About that 50 Hz bug - are you sure your game is really running in DX9 mode? Check r_DisplayInfo 1. You have to add the "-dx9" parameter to the shortcut you use to launch Crysis if you want to start the game in DX9 mode. It uses DX10 mode by default, which is known to be broken in some ways.

    About that Very High settings bug - can you explain it a little bit more? Maybe it's some new bug but i think it's some strange error caused by messing with game files.

    About VSync - there's always a VSync option in the game settings menu. Crytek added it in v1.1 patch. Alternatively, you can use directly the r_VSync cvar. There is also global VSync configuration inside the application that comes with drivers for your graphics card.

    Lastly, if the "Internet Game" button doesn't open server list, it means that either CryMP client mod is not loaded (check if your Crysis shortcut contains the "-mod sfwcl" parameter), or your game contains some weird files (again that Warhead thing maybe?).

  • Greece4Ever

    The fun part is that it actually worked and i was playing singleplayer with the Warhead files. But when it came to cryMP launcher i was missing some dll. . so i uninstalled everything and started from scratch. Everything is looking fine, i can fix 50hz bug now, the very high settings bug is gone. My shortcut destination is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin64\game.exe" -mod sfwcl +con_restricted 0 +g_skipIntro 1" so it looks good. But the internet game part is as described.

    This is a screenshot of my game folder " [b][/b] " if someone can compare it to their files it would be helpful.
    Do i need the 1.2.1 patch? cause i only installed 1.2.

  • Comrade

    Yes, you need the latest 1.2.1 patch (6156 build) or no patch at all (5767 build), because sfwcl supports only 5767 and 6156.