Can this be installed for the 64-bit version?

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  • Zi;
    20.07.2015 14:21:25
    And 32bit normal game crashes too, right?

  • Freebo
    20.07.2015 18:24:53
    Good question Zi.

    XoRderous please let us know what version of Crysis 1 (without our multiplayer client) you can run Crysis 32, Crysis 64 only. I've heard from people I met on my Youtube that they couldn't run Crysis at all on AMD FX. So how is that really with you. Can run Crysis MP 32 and 64 but can't run only that with CryMP.Net multiplayer shorcut ? That would be strange but possible.

    Please - it's important for us to finally know AMD FX problem. Thanks.

  • XoRderous
    20.07.2015 19:48:59
    The only one that doesn't crash is the normal Crysis 64. And, two things. One, if this helps in anyway, I have DVD copy of the game. Two, when running Crysis 32 (normal or modded) the file that doesn't work is CryRenderD3D10.dll and when running the Crysis 64 modded version, the file that doesn't work is CrySystem.dll.

  • Zi;
    20.07.2015 21:07:00
    Ok, so maybe DirectX 9 could work, that doesn't matter anyway, as all servers are for DX9, not DX10, DX10 is pretty much useless.
    Try to run game with "-dx9" parameter (Crysis.exe -dx9 or Crysis.exe -dx9 -mod sfwcl) ... I mean 32bit one.

  • XoRderous
    20.07.2015 22:25:54
    Do you mean like this: "E:\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin32\Crysis.exe" -dx9 -mod sfwcl ? Didn't work.

  • Zi;
    20.07.2015 22:41:06
    Yeah, that's what I meant, nevermind, solution is in finding progress. :D

  • XoRderous
    20.07.2015 22:51:07
    If you ever think of a potential solution, please let me know.

  • Zi;
    23.07.2015 09:39:42
    OK, so good news, soon there will be release of new client with 64bit support as well, but if you wanna risk and make 64bit work for you anyway, open Mods\\sfwcl\\Bin64\\sfwcl.dll in some better editor, find ".\\Bin32\\CryGame.dll" - there should be two of them, only one is correct!!! And rewrite one to .\\Bin64\\CryGame.dll ... if that one doesn't work, rewrite other one and put first one back to Bin32. One must be Bin32, another Bin64. Risky enough? :D

  • XoRderous
    23.07.2015 13:50:05
    I didn't get it to work. I'll just wait for the new client release and see, if it works.

  • Zi;
    23.07.2015 18:16:16
    Try to download this DLL and replace original sfwcl.dll in Mods\\sfwcl\\Bin64\\ with this one and launch game as 64bit with -mod sfwcl.
    This DLL only works on 6156 ( 1.2.1 / PATCHED ) version of Game !!!

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