Telling people about and crysis servers


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Will talk to you when i meet you ingame :)


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Sure. No problem. Starting in April probably. I will be on-line for around 4 hours every weekend as before :) Because not many people will come probably - we will have a lot of time for conversations. As the matter of fact most of the time this is what we do there on servers with less than 5 players (happens). Parkour and talking is always fun for hours. But it depends on who is on server :)

Anyway maybe you will be able to prepare some special plan for more players on one server. As I said before. We've tried that for years, but none of us is a social genius (in terms of "forcing" players to play) or even a lucker who has lucky coincidences every time - and just by coincidence every time, accidentally many players are there at the same time. So who knows - maybe YOU will bring a change for the first time since 2014 and we will have 32 players every weekend on some server or even 64 (it's technically possible).

I will not try any "tricks" myself. I've put around 2 thousands (it's the fact no BS here) of hours in the whole project including mods, promo videos and all the maps (done even before CryMP.Net but used here after adjusting) - and from now - I simply can't do anything new - but to lead regular events with friends and others. Well sometimes add some new things on custom maps or change things on servers.

But I won't personally look for any new ways of promotion - since most of extra efforts were ending up as just time loss. But we had a hope for more than 20 players (at the same time) at the begining. You see I have other creative hobbies to support and invest time in. Things which had to wait for almost 4 years just because of CryMP.Net development (2014-2017). Now it's time for fun in Crysis, little adjustments (here and there) - but not for working anymore, especially when it's not effective in terms of number of players :) I think what we have now is enough for fun.

So if you've got some ideas now - maybe you will find an amazing way to bring more players on servers. Fresh and Effective. Some kind of revolution in the network. Really the luck is a strong factor here. Maybe you're lucky for a change.

My plans are that I will bring back my (2015) Mesa Nostalgia server, even though I prefer IA for events. So we can talk on both PS or IA events.

See you there on servers in April.
Untill that time you can try to create own server just for events. I wish you a good luck. Have fun with it.


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Many players online now! :)


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Exactly TunSalat :) I've seen around 16. So it's standard. But still far from 30. That would be a miracle :) Never happened for last 4.5 years so far. Who knows what 2019 can bring ;)

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