problem with entering the server

  • Knurek
    16.06.2019 22:37:32
    I have a problem with entering "classic and dark mesa" server. The game is trying to connect and then I get an error "server authorisation failed."
    Has anyone had such a problem lately?

  • misterSD
    17.06.2019 09:21:16
    That mean, a player on the server have the same CD key than your, to fix it, open your console and type "net_set_cdkey" and then, 20 letters/numbers.

    Example: "net_set_cdkey d5e8s6d9e5d8e2d6f9d5"

  • Comrade
    17.06.2019 17:36:51

    You can also fix the problem directly on server. All you need to do is to replace the original CrysisDedicatedServer.exe file with custom one that disables the kick. You can download it here:

    Whole check for the same CD key is disabled there. However, validation of CD keys on master server is still active. That means players can still be kicked for invalid CD key, but since GameSpy is dead, literally any CD key is considered as valid today. Maybe this feature will be useful in future.