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Seems that you havent used this before. MODDB is a very good site for mods etc.


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Thanks BestNoob - Well. I'm just sharing my opinion on that. I can be wrong here. So mind that BestNoob :)

But as far as I know - MODDB is about moding Crysis and yes we've been checking that website for many years of course. Was always very useful place espacially after the old services with maps and mods was disabled at least 6 years ago already.

But there is no reason to place CryMP.Net there - since CryMP.Net is a network and it's not a mod, just a way to connect people. From my perspective mods placed on MODDB are just things required installation in the game to change the game itself - or bring new gameplay modes, characters, vehicles, skins, modes.

We're just simply bringing back the old multiplayer functions for Crysis 1 - with a few new features - CryMP.Net is not a modification of a game in terms of "Mods". So I'm not sure MODDB is the right place to even mention that. Google is the right place - and we're there for 5 years now - still people don't know how to type "How to Play Crysis 1 Multiplayer" - and after 5 years are surprised this network exists :) - So MODDB won't help much here. I'd say it won't help at all. Almost NOBODY checks MODDB for Crysis 1 anyway. Number of people interested in MODS is less than 0.1% of players. And people interested in MODS of (as they say) "dead game" would be less than 0.0001% :) Nobody would find CryMP.Net via MODDB if they can't find it by typing "How to play Crysis Multiplayer" in Google.

But maybe you're right about some mods that are being used along CryMP.Net service - which can be considered a MOD :)

I appreciate all your ideas though man. I know you have been posting many of them here. But if you could simply promote evenings of Crysis 1 MP on CryMP.Net in internet and in comments under MP videos on popular YT channels - that would help so much, much, much more :)

And I'm not saying this for my own benefit. I will play it anyway from time to time even with 2-3 last players. Enough for me. But people are still complaining nobody is playing ("nobody" = no more than 15 players at once on one server) - and at the same time they are still not inviting others while chatting with them during other gaming activities.

So relax about that and have fun on servers ;)

Thank you for your ideas and goodwill. I respect that a lot.

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