Duel Servers !!!!

  • HoneY^
    12.08.2019 02:07:15
    A request for crymp admins , we need an IA server 24/7 with poolday/aimmapv2 map to play ... The best choice would be a server like !HS Duels

  • misterSD
    12.08.2019 08:54:07
    Problem with duel serv is that, there is often 5+ players online (network's effect because players see players on a server) but only 2 that can play. So the rest of players is bored to be stuck on spectator mode.

    If a duel server come back, please set 3 max players to prevent this.

  • HoneY^
    13.08.2019 20:38:49
    When u get to the duel there are no 3 ppl only 2 ppl would be enough ..

  • misterSD
    13.08.2019 21:54:28
    HoneY, I remember 1 time when there were 8 players on duel poolday (spec locked) and all other serv empty.
    What is the point of this?

  • HoneY^
    13.08.2019 22:54:27
    only HS Duels were online ? that doesn't make a chance , plus poolday is a duel map not a chaos map .. I like that because if I have to fight against you , only you would be rekt others will join after 10 kills . That's how duels works monster , it seems like u don't preffer duels . Much easier to run with gauss and box :)