How to create a banner server ?


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Hi Crysis lovers,
i've started 2 VPS servers for Crysis 2 MP we have reborn
We're already playing everyday

I'd like to add on our forum 2 banners to display the servers with players online like you do on your homepage for all your servers, so i'm requesting your help to do same if it's possible ?

I'm running both VPS under Windows server RT 2012 R2 standard + Crysis2DedicatedServer.exe

PS : sry i've signed up again as i don't remember my pw from my 1st acc here and i didn't find any options to recovery my pw


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Hi again.

Great news to hear/read - that you're playing there. Please let us know when it will work for everybody.

And about your question - the thing is (as you probably know) in 2014 we've started this network with links on website (at first it was just server names and IP - then we've added styles, photos and players list) - which was the only way to connect servers (besides typing connect IP.... in console or typing numer of server listed in console). So this way is already 5 years old... And it wasn't an additional thing (well maybe a bit for the console list) - I'd call it the base.

Later Zi figured out also in-game way. Finally what we've got now is two ways at the same time one is website-based (banners like you call it) (the old one) and other is working like gamespy before (server list accessable in the game just 3 years old). And that last one is what you've got in your solution.

So can't I tell if it can be done easily the opposite way in your case (first having servers in game and later added on website)...
... but at the same time I'm 100% sure Zi would be able to do it in no time - as always. Let's wait for his answer though... I'm just temporarly feeling a blank space while waiting :) So my answer is just for fun.

Anyway - thanks for the info that Crysis 2 MP is alive and kicking. I'd like to try it personally some day. I mean - I'd like to see it alive for years from now available to join any time we want - because sometimes we don't have the time for months - but if it can wait like servers of Crysis 1 MP, any time, any year - That would be something I'm going to use for sure. Especially if it was possible to start own/custom servers there just like it is possible in CryMP.Net. Like I've said before I had my favorite maps in Crysis 2 - which I wasn't playing for 6 years - because it wasn't possible to have own server in C2 anymore. Good Luck.


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From Crysis 2 Reborn 2019 version 2.0 installer:
NO VPN third party programs required
But if you install Radmin VPN then you'll see the servers and online players in the game browser

Looks like you don't have any master server that maintains server list, so implementing something like will be quite hard. If you want banner only for certain servers, you will still need some service that queries server info directly from game servers and creates the banner. Our GerCry "friends" use such thing, but it doesn't support C2.


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Hey, well, if you wanted to do something like CryMP (basically server list on webpage with all info) you can do it two ways:

1. Create webpage, where servers will send every 30s info about them (port, name, player list, map, map download link and so on) and people will be able to view these
2. Create emulator for GameSpy, which will basically do the same, except servers won't have to connect additional HTTP

CryMP achieves it's goals using both of these (first one for servers with mods and second one to support server with no mods at all)

Or just to describe it with image:

In your case you could make GameSpy emulator to directly communicate with database and just make webpage display what is in the database or generate image banner. And as for HTTP server, it's up to you what technology you use, I would recommend Node.js or PHP though


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Thx all for your quick replies. Nice to see active members in Crysis activities :)

I'll think about all your infos and advices to see how i could release smth working.
Maybe Gamespy emulator + webpage could be good solution yes.
Thank you

Some infos about C2 reborn i've re-started with some mates 2 months ago :
- no master server, only 2 VPS who run 24/7 with static IP

- no VPN third party required anymore like it was needed in the past (Tunngle, Hamachi, Evolve...)
This is the good thing and is attracting players as have added 2 shortcuts in the mp menu to join them instantly
To see servers online then the Radmin VPN is needed but is just a complementary feature

- The build is from the Beta leaked... Only this version has the LAN option
We're working since several weeks to fix the bugs and add the values from last Crytek patch v1.9
(weapons, perks and nanosuit)
It's working fine now, good experience in vanilla version (no mods) even if some bugs can not be fixed

@freebo : Game files are already public and players are playing everyday
At peak 8 players actually in same servers and the project continues
But to facilitate installation, i'm actually releasing a new complete build with an easy installer.exe for a ready to play
installation so i prefer to wait for giving you the links.
I'll upload in a couple of days so if you wanna test i'll give you the links + our Discord

Here the video tutorial i made 2 days ago to announce the easy installation coming

Again, thank all for infos

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