Remove Your Inactive Sever from list

  • ManiBadhel

    Hi, I'm Mani from NoobSpot.Com, and your your inactive Sever url:

    Please remove this because it is showing as a obstacle in my keywords.
    I'm ready to pay for this.
    Mani Badhel

  • Zi;

    Do you own registered trademark on that word? Otherwise how much would you pay in US dollars?

  • Freebo

    I hope you guys will find some solution to this google keywords "conflict of intrest".

    But as far as I remember Zi had his "NoobSpot" as server name since early 2015 (in 2014 I'm not sure if his server had this name already - could be also) - so "NoobSpot" server was already visible in google at least in 2015 and "" domain was registered in early 2019 - 4 years later, just few months ago. Or maybe I'm wrong about that date ?

    So of course you need to get to the point when you find some agreement on that matter. Remember that it's just a name - unless it's a comercial product made for profits - it can be shared.

    So c'mon. It's like one british band was singing exactly 55 years ago: "Money can't buy me love" I'm sure it's easy to solve and everybody will be happy finally.

    Peace and Good Luck