Spawn Items

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  • EliasF
    14.10.2019 11:53:12
    For me it would be amazing to set some vehicles like that and weapons hiden

  • misterSD
    14.10.2019 11:56:42
    This is probably possible with client-side.

  • Comrade
    14.10.2019 12:36:26
    All you need to do is to add "cloak:" prefix to entity name, but it works only with CustomAmmoPickup class. Also, only players with sfwcl can see the effect. :)

    Here's list of all available prefixes:
    fx:  -- for spawning effects

  • Zi;
    14.10.2019 14:05:30
    Maybe later I can add support for any classes client-side, but problem is it could be heavy on performance to iterate all the entities in-game to check which one need update and which ones don't :D

  • misterSD
    14.10.2019 14:23:50
    Zi; then make the server send rpc requests manually by scripts :D

    I mean, like all other fonctions

  • Zi;
    14.10.2019 20:21:25
    Okay, I will add it and write here or to you on Discord how to use it :D

  • EliasF
    14.10.2019 21:58:08
    So it could be possible?

  • misterSD
    15.10.2019 10:45:36
    That will be nice,
    It will be something new to players.

  • EliasF
    19.10.2019 21:32:30

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