New version of Design, Bad decisions to make.

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  • TunSalat
    07.11.2019 21:59:16
    Freebo left crymp because of some webdesign changes? lol
    He could have started constructive suggestions.. instead of endless negative text and "Load of BS again".

  • Zi;
    07.11.2019 22:17:30
    Well, it's sad he left because of such reasons, but let's not be rude and talk bad about him. He's done a lot for this network, mainly when it comes to propagation and promotion.
    Anyways, site is improving all the time and right now Russian version was added for our russian fellows who don't speak english well (use to get back to english). Majority of CryMP visitors come from Russia, so why not improve SEO... :D

    08.11.2019 14:01:06
    Oh, really Russian. But where is vodka and Putin?
    Can I help you with something in russification? By the way, maybe you should add auto-translation of messages?

  • Zi;
    08.11.2019 15:44:13
    I don't think introducing stereotypes for localisation would be a good idea.

  • Zi;
    08.11.2019 18:47:42
    You can now see top 3 latest threads right at the top of new design forum :D Less scrolling required finally :D

  • SashsBrest
    08.11.2019 20:40:44
    Thx Zi, great job!

  • Zi;
    23.11.2019 21:48:29
    Soo, some news about design. It's much easier now to switch design back and forth between old and new.
    I added "Old" theme to list of available themes, you can find it on bottom of website in footer on right side.
    Also there is already no /m/ inside link URLs, everything should have same URLs now! :D

  • Zi;
    25.11.2019 13:04:15
    So, default design is now new design, if you wanna switch back to old, scroll to bottom of webpage and change "Dark" to "Old"

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