Freebo's servers

  • Terminator
    24.10.2019 12:33:52
    Why did you shut down servers for crysis i want to play with them Will you open it again?

    Paradise Atoll
    Parkour City

    24.10.2019 13:10:32
    Probably they were unpopular. Or they just renamed.

  • Terminator
    24.10.2019 13:13:45
    I really like them I have a few friends I wanted to play with them but the servers are off

    24.10.2019 13:21:14
    Unfortunately, without the owner of the servers, nothing will work.
    The only thing I can advise is to find another server.
    There is a server "Fun and fight (Classic Mesa & Dark mesa)", there are a lot of different things.
    There is a "Grand Central", there the map is a bit revised.

    There is also "something", but I don’t recommend playing there, as one of the cheaters admins and other administrators don't want to ban. Normal server, nothing special (if you forget that the cheater is the admin).

  • Terminator
    24.10.2019 13:36:20
    I've already played on these servers
    "Fun and fight (Classic Mesa & Dark mesa)"
    my name in the game $7Terminator
    but I mean, why did he shut down the frebo servers?

  • Zi;
    24.10.2019 13:36:52
    Remember this thread?
    Freebo left CryMP for good also with his servers, it was his own decision.

  • Terminator
    24.10.2019 14:24:26
    Will it not reopen anymore?

  • Zi;
    24.10.2019 15:05:08
    You can contact him at

  • CryBoy
    05.12.2019 12:34:50
    MisterSD server is full mods xD,we prefere classic game without mods.