Players get kicked because integrity check failed

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  • AhmadG

    Solidv2 is the map ... but the problem is not at my end .. cause i can run other servers fine .. only this server stops downloading at 24-27% and then crashes the game

  • Koenigsegg

    What OS (operating system) are you using? I tested it and it downloaded the solidv2 map after I deleted it from IA folder already. I use win 7 ultimate 64bit OS and I have no problems with download. You may check forum for map download issues. If your IP is server logs show a disconnect cause=23 and cause=19. Perhaps you're timing out before the download is finished. The server is far far away in the US.
    I just played a player from Italy and he obviously had no problems with download. Seems that you are the only one having problems with this map.
    So sorry I don't know what your problems could be?


  • Comrade

    You can download the map manually and just extract the zip to "Game" folder inside your Crysis folder.

    Here's the link: /maps/eu/hotspot/IA/

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