In July 2015, the multiplayer system GameSpy providing multiplayer for Crysis and many other games was bought by Glu Mobile and shut down. Multiplayer in Crysis officialy stopped existing and you cannot access multiplayer directly from the original game. Crysis community took the initiative and started to work on alternative multiplayer systems. Unfortunately due to disputes, the community broke up into several groups, specifically in Crysis 1 two groups: those who wanted absolute freedom and fairness to everyone - (Crysis 1), (Crysis Wars) and those who wanted profit and full control over the multiplayer -, (more about them here:

Reasons to preffer is a Crysis multiplayer system developed by group of enthusiasts, old notoric Crysis players, admins and modders with long experience in Crysis and can be found here: The biggest advantages are:

1. full freedom, no limits on servers, no global bans on players, no censorship on forum

At, you are free to join any server you want according to your taste, and if you don't like any of them, you are free to create your OWN! If you get in conflict with some admin, you can just switch server and forget about him. Nobody can ban you globaly in the whole multiplayer. In forum, you are free to share your opinion. Even if it's a critical one and you say, that admin or server is bad, you don't have to be scared of deleting your post or account or perma-ban from game servers. The only reason, why could your post get hidded is, when it will be full of insults and swearing without a real point.

2. opensource implementation

Unlike GermanCrysis patch, implementation of CryMP multiplayer solution is not covered with darkness. All its source codes are publicly available here and the way it works is known. If you don't trust it and suspect it from containing a malware, you can anytime open the codes and check it on your own, or call somebody who understands programming to check it for you.

3. tons of different maps with automatic map-downloader

On current game servers, there is over 100 maps installed, and what's the best on it is, that the client contains automatic map-downloader, which works simmilarly to the one in Crysis Wars. No more manual searching and downloading of maps, just select server and it will download and load the running map for you, and you can play.

4. mostly adult english speaking players

90% of our players are adults around 20 years old, who speak more or less english and will answer on your greetings or questions and will be happy to help you on request.

5. admins are constantly working on the multiplayer system and their servers

Admins of and running servers are not looking around, what they can steal, but continuously working on new features, new mods, new maps, and improving the gameplay. They are ready to help you with whatever problem you have, and listen to whatever suggestion you can give. Just write on the forum here