Hello guys. I would like to introduce you a new feature of CryMP.net - events created by users (Custom events). Since now, every registered user is able to create and schedule his own event. You no longer have to rely on, what me, Zi or Freebo comes up with. For your event, you can start your own server with own settings, or you can use some of the 24/7 running !HS servers. The only limitation is, that you cannot schedule an event at a time of a Friday or Saturday event, and that's because events are meant to collect players at one place and not to divide them. As a demonstration of this feature i would like to invite you to a first custom event: http://crymp.net/event_info.php?id=11 It is going to be about trying some very interesting and original maps from cryengine.com. We will play about 10-20 minutes in each and then go on a next one. The maps however are not designed for standard fighting and not optimized for highest FPS. Stronger hardware and higher details are recommended, but not a condition. Enjoy :)