Hey guys, from now on, you can view your statistics on each server just by clicking server in server list, for example: https://crymp.net/svinfo.php?ip= These statistics also include non-logged users who use static profile ID, so you might find yourself there even if you weren't logged in, in case you ever logged in, but didn't play as logged in, your real profile will still be displayed there, just with #1234 behind it, marking your profile ID you used. If you have any idea what to add to these statistics, let me know. For other interesting statistics, you can see https://crymp.net/m/graph.php, though this link is more favorable to server owners to see at what time players play the most, what map they like the most and so on Also, don't be surprised those statistics don't show all your real kills for last 4 years, because these statistics count from today 13:00 :D