New version of the client

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  • Zi;

    Hi everyone! Today the new version of the client has been released and you should already be able to update through the launcher. The new version fixes several issues that were reported by you, Crysis 1 multiplayer players, in your feedback and the new version as well brings new features. The launcher has been updated as well and you can now select between Official (release) version of the client and Development version of the client you wish to use. Be aware that Develoment version might be unstable and crash as it contains experimental features. For best experience, always use Official version. Here is the full list of changes: Added - Hit indicator, enabled by default, use `mp_hitIndicator 0` to disable it - High resolution chat HUD, disabled by default, use `mp_chatHighResolution 1` to enable it - New spectator HUD - New radio HUD allowing servers to enable additional commands - New localization manager - New CPU detection - New Lua function for creating a material from any texture in the game - New Lua function for changing entity opacity - New Lua function for obtaining current language - New Lua function for text localization - New Lua function for adding localized labels - New Lua global variable `CRYMP_CLIENT_BITS` - Archetypes synchronized over network - New application icon - Spectator zooming - Slow spectator movement when holding Ctrl, speed can be configured by changing `mp_spectatorSlowMult` Changed - Improved map loading screen - Pressing F5 in multiplayer lobby refreshes the server list - Two `!validate` commands are now sent after connect to improve backward compatibility with the old client - Internal chat commands `!validate` and `!rpc` are hidden in chat to improve UX on legacy servers - Buymenu remembers your last opened page for some time, see `mp_buyPageKeepTime` - Battlelog messsages can now be longer - Improved logger - Improved crash logger - Better game window name - Map downloader now supports map versioning - Released executables are now digitally signed Fixed - DX10 fullscreen low refresh rate fix now works correctly - Missing US commander mission end warning in PowerStruggle - Missing `@detonator` localized label - Team selection HUD still visible after joining a team - Sensitibity bug after dying with picked up object - No more vehicle pickup while in air - Some crashes caused by uninitialized memory accesses in the engine - Dead projectiles - No more crosshair for ragdolls in FP spec - Case-sensitive command line options

  • Comrade

    We had to do another quick release. There was an issue with shooting while sprinting and some related issues. Thanks to TunSalat for reporting it.

  • heandel

    It seems to me like crysis wars with those effects on screen ..worst update ever .. full of lag even punching I can't do and I move fast.. Kill quickly with no reason sometime and in many cases the enemy does not appear This is a step back and I think the old update is much better ..

  • Comrade

    It seems to me like crysis wars with those effects on screen
    What effects do you mean? Hit indicator? You can disable it with "mp_hitIndicator 0". If more people don't like it, we can make it disabled by default.
    full of lag
    I do performance profiling from time to time. There's no obvious performance degradation since the last update. In any case, we plan the next release to be mostly about performance improvements.
    even punching I can't do
    This was resolved by the second release yesterday.
    Kill quickly with no reason sometime and in many cases the enemy does not appear
    Do you mean ghost bug? It should be mostly fixed since the last update. I didn't notice any ghosts while testing.

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