Hi there, not sure if I'm doing this right, :ie, putting this here, but looking for advice if anyone can help would be most appreciated. Had played Crysis for many years on the old multi servers, only recently found this mod whilst doing search for existing servers for this game..... Anyways, managed to get thing sorted and can join maps and play.. Hugely grateful and delighted so many thanks to those concerned for their efforts. My problem is this, my mate and I can create a map and play against each other 'providing' we are both on same 'internet provider', which means I'm either in his house, or he in mine!.. Whilst this is a joy, we would like to create map and play whilst in our own homes, I can see his name in the list after he creates map, he gives me password but cant gain successful access and visa versa, (error warning, 'timed out').. Is there something we're not doing right?... Or is it just not an option?... Many thanks in advance.. Best regards.