Changes to voting and rules in !HS servers

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  • Youda008

    Hello everyone. Due to some recent conflicts and complainments, i decided to make several changes. 1. Voting system now contains list of protected players, who are known to be repeatedly kicked for petty reasons. In the rules is now excplictly written, that !vote kick command exists to deal with cheaters, insulters and rules breakers, not for anything else like solving personal conflicts or for using no-kill weapons. Even players, that don't follow your strict ISO standard of gameplay style, deserve the right to play. That's why we have differently specialized servers. If you play only on servers targeted to you and your preffered style, there will be no problems. 2. To balance things out, all servers except !HS Newbie Paradise will receive a new voting option "!vote block <item>" to vote about blocking selected weapon, equipment or vehicle until the end of the current map. Please use this to block items, that you don't like, instead of kicking players for using them. 3. Rules of all !HS servers are changing.

    Rules common to all servers

    * Don't use cheats or hacks or file modifications! ..some text.. * Don't use bugs for unfair kills! ..some text.. * Don't insult anyone! Opinions can be said politely, only kids need insults to enforce point of view. If you believe someone is breaking these rules, use command !vote kick. * Don't abuse !vote kick command! This command is here to protect server from cheaters, insulters and rule breakers. Using it for personal problems or to force your own rules will result in ban. * Don't use !afk or spectator mode to escape from fight! ..some text.. * Don't spawn vehicles inside buildings! Vehicles stucked in building causes big lags and ruin the game for everyone. * Don't rape a base or guard the ways out of base! You have nothing to do in enemy base, attack it with nuke or leave it. Server detects base raping and after few warnings you will be banned. * Don't rape a bunker with tanks, helis, vtols or sniper rifles! If you want to capture bunker, dont use any stupid ways and go on feet. Server detects bunker raping and after few warnings you will be banned.

    Rules specific for !HS Pro-gaming

    * Don't use easy/unfair ways to kill! This is a skill-oriented server. Don't use nooby weapons, camping tactics, chat-commands or other exploits to defeat your enemy.

    Rules specific for !HS Newbie Paradise

    * Don't rape newbies! This server is meant for beginners to have some fun without being wrecked by skilled players. If you're good at Crysis already, please go to other server.

    Rules specific for !HS Vehicle Wars

    * Don't camp in mountains or tunels! This server is about driving and action, not about sitting in the corner.

    Rules specific for !HS Fun&Relax

    * Don't kill players, who don't want to! This is not a server for fighting, but rather talking, exploring and relaxing. Killing is allowed, but you shouldn't kill those, who explicitely asked you not to. Opinions are welcome.

  • misterSD

    very good changes. thank Youda :)

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