Ok. Here it is finally. 7 days after - 45 minutes video from last week's Testing Event of Realism / BF3 mode - out of 3 hours of recording.

I'm pretty sure nobody's gonna watch even half of it, but the point was to capture whole atmosphere that day, map features, all players, moments and some of dialogs. 45 minutes is still better than 3 hours - isn't it ? ;) Anyway. Sorry for bad Youtube compression and strange colors but at least it's 60 FPS. (Youtube's still processing)

Big thanks again for over 20 people who were there last saturday.

It will help improve this mode soon. Here's last week's descritpion of the mode : http://crymp.net/forum/thread.php?id=155&lu=1434883747 Starring: [b]Frankie, Comrade, Aleksandr, Captain_Tsubasa, RaDaGaST, DeathCore, HoneY, Geico, Nikita, mOnAmI, BlackcaT, Freebo and many others. [/b]