Hi Here is Jet Pack prototype for Crysis that I was working on in July 2015. The idea was to make jet pack which works on map and server side - so NO MOD INSTALLATION IS REQUIRED to use it. Exactly like with "Predator/Hunter" mode and "Realism" mode Just enter the server with "Paradise Atoll" (mid october) and you are abe able to train flying. Max speed ~ 350 km/h Min speed ~ 1 km/h Flight time ~ 7 min Max level ~ 90 m Distance ~ 40 km Just some time of training how to use it for precise flying. Unfortunately It's not perfect - still in beta - but enough for exploration this month already. Check it out: PLEASE WATCH in YOUTUBE directly here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynLi2dWshRc - to get better quality. Please chose 60 FPS version - is much more relistic. I've been a big fan of jet packs for a long time - and I wanted to make something between T-73 Jet Pack and H202 for fun in Crysis MP. For those who don't know these REAL ones. Here is the a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E81KQ7u3-7s Coming Soon - October in CryMP.Net.[u][/u]