Well here it is. Just for the archive. Video from Friday Event with "Paradise Atoll (2013)" being on-line for the first time. Over 2 years after map was created (95% of it in 2013) - but finally with new, finished things and functions (like Paramotor, Jet Pack) added there now. Still bugged, beta but it's gonna stay this way for a while (sorry). No sense to work on details right now. At least it's on-line after being usless on HDD for so long. So it's a progress. Enjoy - and sorry for FPS on some PCs. I did my best with optimization. (For old PCs - you can always try to use F11 for low or F12 for VeryHigh - that should make 10-20 FPS difference). And It was really nice 60 minutes - while testing it - last friday. Thanks you guys for being there - and check the map in the future. It's going to be on-line for long months - ready to explore. Even lonly exploration and flying Paramotor over the map is fun. Unless you look for multiplayer fight and destruction - you won't find it there :) 12 Players: Comrade, DarkAngel, DrOctoganapus8, ObliviOus, ProfOrribilus, Stefan, Captain_Tsubasa, Frankie, Santex,.. Freebo,... and 2 others Please watch 60 FPS at 720p60 / because Youtube compression is much worse on lowest quality. It's extremely bad anyway. [u][/u]