[h3][b]Hi. Here's the video from Friday Fight Night IA Event last week. Very random shots, long and boring at most of the time.[/b] [/h3] I wasn't fighting for 2.5 years since last Friday Fight Events in early 2016 - so I joined the fight just for few minutes to test mouse sensitivity settings and to fail of obviously with constant energy loss (which affected wall jumping) and completely forgotten aiming skill especially with weapon intertia on... [b] ...This is why most of the video is recorded just like it was before - with old Events Videos - from spectator's perspective, which is fine I think to show the whole fight.[/b] Nothing special here

but [u]maybe some of you can find yourselves in the video in some interesting moments.

[/u] You can leave a comment on Youtube under the video to let people know that Crysis MP fight events are still alive in 2018 - so maybe others will be surprised by that and will join next events in the future. Or maybe they won't anyway. [yt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UImqEB0Tz1Q[/yt]