Hi, Here's just a short compilation of MiniVtol Pro Aerobatics and Freestyle Training during 25th Crazy Truths Event on 21st of August. It's been 6 long weeks since that event but I've decided to upload the video especially for those who still have no idea how to use MiniVtol on that map in the future. Also to show, that even waiting for players to join the event can be fun and always give the opportunity to gain some flying skills. Just few basic ideas here with my 7 years old MiniVtols set - where only freestyle pilot's imagination is a limit. Showing that 11 years old Crysis is a universal game, not just for fighters, jumpers and stunt drivers but also aerobatics and freestyle flying fans. More of that will come in the future, this was just a random fun. In case of comments or suggestions about the subject - please leave it on Youtube not just in this thread here. Thanks.