20+ Players on 7OXiCITY ( 11 videos )

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  • 7OXIC

    HI, last nights session was epic and I was so pleased to be part of that, I was the first on the server and we ended up with 23 people on, it'll only get better is my bet, in the mean time enjoy the videos I've recorded for your pleasure ( see playlist below ) There are 11 videos in all within the playlist, so let me start you off with the biggest video ( 16 minutes long ) I've included the players names in the video description. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLyHZGgJ7o355cFkvk_-WXsb5Rm2MuqzX

  • malysz

    nice, shame that i get always banned on the 70XIC Servers, dunno why....

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