Sunday December 4th - TARMAC/MESA/SHORE

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  • 7OXIC

    Good Morning Crysis freaks, below you'll find the start of almost 3 hours of game-play I recorded yesterday. Each video is about 10 minutes long and there's 17 of them in the playlist ( link below ) I use a joypad to create smooth movement in my videos, when I start a new recording if nothing of interest happens within the first minute I stop the recording and try another point of action, but yesterday there was plenty of action ( although not as many players as last week ) the shenanigans on 'Tarmac' you'll find very entertaining and I've even got more Tarmac video action as yet to be uploaded from earlier in the afternoon. My intension with these videos is to cultivate some interest with Crysis MP and bring more new players to the game, I'm learning technique, spotting cheaters and having fun myself just trying to make the best videos I can.

  • ctaoistrach

    I'll add a super slow/smooth camera speed mode (cinematic) by holding Ctrl, to v18🙂

  • TunSalat

    That would be nice

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