Realism / Battlefield 3 mode - BETA

  • Freebo


    Here comes another Crysis mode - based on map/server side mod.

    This time - unlike in Predator/Hunter - no more sci-fi - but a kind of realistic experience (with a bit of imagination which is always needed).

    Something for fans of both: Crysis 1 and BF3 + visuals better than in we have in BF4 (my opinion).

    Thing I wanted to have in Crysis 1 for a long time. Without any extra mod files which people have to download to play . Just one of servers on servers list to join. Works the same way as Predator/Hunter mode.

    Of course It's not perfect though but It's ony server/map side mod - so at least no installation on client side is required and anybody can experience it just after entering server. Maps autodownloader will do all the work.

    Unless you want to see also different players looks as extra thing - the way I do (on client side - still finishing few things).

    So here is basic info:

    - Engineer (Scar,FY71, vehicles) vs Recon (sniper, c4, rockets) town battle.
    - No nanosuit powers at all (save your health and energy).
    - More realistic BF3-like parkour (no WJ anymore).
    - Higher damage.
    - No hit marks or players names over their heads.
    - Team kill (you can easily kill your teammates here - so better watch out).
    - No hud option available (just hit "9 for panoramic - limited hud" or "0 for no hud at all").
    - Low health visual and sound effects (after being hit - need to rest for 10 seconds or die).
    - Ropeway ride over the town (after unlocking it).
    - Teleporter to unlock (faster way to get to the town after each respawn - 10 sec.).
    - No objectives marks on screen - just flags on roofs (realistic flags to capture)

    Remember that It's only beta - and many things left to finish - but fun enough to try already.
    Unfortunatelly you need quite good PC to play with over 30 FPS - it's the price for more realistic experience as always.

    I know there are not many players around right now and even less who have medium-high PC in Crysis community - but this mode/map was designed for 2-4 players even. No more need for 16 on PS (would be crazy here). So can be fun sometimes in the future.

    Ready to try tonight. Probably between 19:00 - 24:00


    Will be on server "<FP> REALISM / BF3 - MODE"

    Here are few photos. I wanted to put video also - but I guess I will wait for some MP battle before that.

  • Freebo

    Thanks a lot guys for being there yesterday and testing map and whole mode.

    I know it was hard for some of you with 20-30 FPS but - I'm glad half of players had 50-60 or even 80.

    There were around 20 players there yesterday during 3 hours. Max 8 people on server at the same time.
    I wasn't expecting so many people - so it was kind of crazy to talk with many, explain how things work, make a video, test things and not die so often at the same time :)

    Frankie, Comrade, Aleksandr, Captain_Tsubasa, RaDaGaST, DeathCore, HoneY, Geico, Nikita, mOnAmI, Freebo and others.

    Here are few random photos from the evening.

    More will come + 40 minutes long video also - from this crazy event to archive. I have to cut it out from 3 hours first ;)
    Here is how it looks from my perspective - with my client side solders suits prepared for MP of this mode:

  • Freebo

    Ok. Here it is finally. 7 days after - 45 minutes video from last week's Testing Event of Realism / BF3 mode - out of 3 hours of recording.

    I'm pretty sure nobody's gonna watch even half of it, but the point was to capture whole atmosphere that day, map features, all players, moments and some of dialogs. 45 minutes is still better than 3 hours - isn't it ? ;)

    Anyway. Sorry for bad Youtube compression and strange colors but at least it's 60 FPS. (Youtube's still processing this)

    Big thanks again for over 20 people who were there last saturday.

    It will help improve this mode soon.

    Frankie, Comrade, Aleksandr, Captain_Tsubasa, RaDaGaST, DeathCore, HoneY, Geico, Nikita, mOnAmI, BlackcaT, Freebo and many others.

  • Freebo

    Anyway.... To close this thread afer 2 weeks - I just wanted to add today that - I've been trying to work on graphics tweaks a little bit, because few low-PC using guys had only around 20-30 FPS on this map (which wasn't a surprise for me - it is the price of realism in map designing as we all know).

    After few hours of testing what makes sense and what does not - I managed to produce useful switch script on the map to choose between Lowest and Highest settings here (just press "6" for LOW or "7" for HIGH).

    Of course both settings look "almost" the same (not like Crysis Low or Medium) but the difference between first and second is around 25 FPS :) Which is a lot for some computers. Good news is (not for all) that I've left shadows on, even on lowest again ;) Removing shadows from this map gives only 5-7 FPS more so wasn't worth it at all.
    Instead of that: very-low-shadows version will work just fine.

    Results after tests on 2 PCs (1280/720, 2xAA),
    at the most FPS killing places on this map:

    1. Main PC
    - Highest settings: ~ 65 FPS,
    - Lowest settings: ~ 95 FPS
    2. Second (150 $) PC
    - Highest settings: ~ 30 FPS,
    - Lowest settings: ~ 50 FPS

    As you can see the difference is pretty nice (~35%) considering that there is almost not visual differences (as we would see with classic Low or Medium). I'm going to work on it a little more to make finall option for all future HQ maps, mods and projects. All that works on map/server side of course. Simple.

    Anyway here's an example captured on Highest and Lowest setting from the tower :)

    Highest ~65 FPS:

    Lowest ~95 FPS: