AMD FX and Crysis /refreshed issue/

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    [New post copied from old thread here by admin, to refresh the issue - and get final, clear solution for Win8 & AMD users]

    Hello, I happen to have an AMD FX too, somehow the .bat is not to be found as the guy suppressed his guide, and the updated sfwcl.dll from Zi; cannot be downloaded anymore (looks broken), those were apparently the only ways to make the game work, and work on MP. I purchased it from Steam, ver 6156, run it on Win 8, I kept only the original Bin32 file (used to do the renaming thing to make it work on SP), applied the .msi from your website.
    I then tried many different things from the new shortcut, launching with admin, compatibility, del profiles, switch to Bin64Crysis and do the same, copy the little Crygame.dll to the Bin64 folder, I'd either get a "failed to load the game DLL" via Bin32 or "could not launch main application" via Bin64.

    Is there any way to reupload the updated sfwcl.dll to try and make things work ?

  • Comrade


    sfwcl installer automatically creates AMD_FX.bat file in Crysis directory so you should use it. Compatibility mode is usually needed only for 64-bit version of Crysis. Running it as Administrator is good idea because map-downloader probably won't work without it (enabled UAC causes this problem).

    If the AMD_FX.bat doesn't help you, you will need to modify it - open it in Notepad (or any other simple text editor) and change /affinity FE to:
    - for 4-core AMD FX processor => /affinity 0E
    - for 6-core AMD FX processor => /affinity 3E
    - for 8-core AMD FX processor => default value should work (/affinity FE)

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    hey i am greekkiller13 i have to problems with crysis i open and say crysis stop working what can i do?