What are they talking about? (crysis multiplayer)

  • TunSalat

    This article talks about Crysis multiplayer officially shutting down.


    I thought Crysis multiplayer closed long time ago, and Crymp.net made a fix for it?

    So, either they must be talking about Crysis 2 or 3, or they don't know about crymp.net. Right?


  • Zi;

    They are talking about Crysis 2, 3 obviously and don't know about CryMP either. Nothing is going down here

  • Freebo

    Well... let me add my "one sentence" as always...

    Author of that article has no idea what he is talking about obviously. He said Crytek is closing Crysis MP in 2018 and at the same time he is saying that Crytek closed Crysis 2 MP in 2014 (which is correct) not mentioning that Crysis MP was also shutdown in 2014 along with GameSpy.

    So apparently he thought Crytek was supporting Crysis MP till 2018 (for over 4 years after GameSpy's death). Maybe in his dreams. Which makes him huge ignorant anyway.

    This is how people like that make playears leave the game and never search for new solutions. Just like people did in 2014 and some of them found out that it's still alive just because they were lazy enough to use Google to ask "how to play". And many of them returned few years later saying they loved game so much but they thought it died. Laziness.

    But maybe he was talking about Crysis 3 - which would make sense in this article since Crysis 3 was still alive so far as the only Crysis supporting Multiplayer. So maybe they are closing third one and the guy can't tell the difference between Crysis 1 and Crysis 3. Still possible with some gaming dudes.

    But maybe he really meant Crysis 1 MP if so it's really funny article from ignorants to ignorans :)

    By The Way, The most funny part of the article is this one:

    "Of course, Crysis has been the modder’s friend for 11 years too, so it’s surely not impossible that those who care most can find away to Nano With Friends again."

    Yeah maybe he is right maybe in the far future Crysis MP will be brought back in some kind of network... or... something... and we will be able to play in independently... not waiting for Crytek to help... Well... that would be amazing ;) ... Some dreams can come true.

    Or maybe this article is just a joke and disinfo created on purpose for some reason - I would vote for this one. Because nobody is that ignorant. Especially if he was really a Crysis 1 MP player. For me it's hard to believe that he was.

    But yeah. Internet is a trash and you will find there any info. The problem is people are not doublechecking anything they hear. They believe first info and they go for a beer. This is why 90% of Crysis MP players left Crysis MP in 2014. They didn't even try to google it in July 2014. They simply left the game after one or two articles. And that was it.

    Article like that one above are giving those kind of people more excuses to do nothing, to not look for Crysis MP anymore. Easy to manipulate weak minds with 5 minutes of propaganda. Unfortunately it always works perfectly.

    As always: Arogance, Laziness and Ignorance are the best ally to believe anything :) Any fantasy can become the reality. If you know what I mean.

  • Comrade

    The real reason behind that fake info is probably this:


    EA announced that they are going to shutdown "Crysis 2 - Online Multiplayer" this year. Problem is that multiplayer of PC version of Crysis 2 doesn't work since 2014 because it used GameSpy too. There is also Crysis 2 for consoles that has its own multiplayer (unlike Crysis 1 for consoles that has no MP at all), and it seems this MP is (was) hosted by EA. That's all, so EA turned off multiplayer for console version of Crysis 2 and some "journalists" explained it as Crytek are shutting the online component of Crysis down.

    EA also runs MP of Crysis 3 and it's still working probably, but nobody knows for how long... :)