Crysis 2 Multiplayer

  • mrW1lde

    Good day, dear players! I have to say ... Crysis2 is my favorite game! And when I found out that its servers are being shut down, I was very sad ... However, recently I began to restore the multiplayer of the game and have already achieved some results.
    For example, you can connect quietly without any LAN emulators ... there is also a reserve for the future: make a launcher with the display of servers (chose a server and connect). There are also disadvantages: this is all based on the leaked beta. I am very interested in your opinion: is it worth it to continue or is it not worth it?

    Thanks for attention. - demo.

  • Freebo

    Hi. Yes of course unfortunately Crysis 2 Multiplayer was shot down along with Crysis 1 Multiplayer already 4,5 years ago in July 2014, when we created this C1 network here. Sadly unlike beta of C2 - official version of C2 doesn't technically allow modding.

    Of course many of us have heard about multiplayer of Crysis 2 based on beta versions, modified one. But since it wasn't on the original/official and legal one - shouldn't be promoted as a legal to use solution. I wasn't even trying to connect in that solution that others made few years ago - just because it was based on beta not on legal version.

    So it's just like with your idea about it. I'm not a big fan of Crysis 2 multiplayer but I've spent there many hours in 2011 and would love to see original Crysis 2 alive in some private network just like Crysis 1 works here. Just for fun in C2, on nice maps there, from time to time. But building the network on unofficial, leaked version wouldn't be right and fair. That's why we were never considering it as something worth doing. But it's only my opinion.

    When it comes to CryMp.Net it's supporting and promoting legal verions of Crysis 1 MP it's the point of that. I really wish it was possible to do with Crysis 2.

    Anyway thanks for reminding and good luck.

  • ali

    Take a look here to see Pro guy :D

  • Xenomorph

    Hello, how can I download those developments and play?