Spammy Message visibility and printout in Chat

  • BestNoob


    Would be nice if you can define a fade/display timer for the messages.
    And a option to show/printout the messages in public allchat

    and maybe also a option to force Chatwindow be visible for everyone for a amount of time after a message
    got posted.

  • Freebo

    Haha. Hi.

    Yes - but if interference on that level - I mean on-screan/in-game chat - and messing around with original chat was possible - we would have chat options alredy for at least 4 years here, because there was need for that. Turning off the chat, expanding the chat display window and number of characters was always something I wanted to see there.

    When it comes to spam messages in-chat or at the bottom of the screen - there is no problem with that obviously.
    And reading chat in console for hours, going back to that after a while - so you won't lose anything - as you know is working already for 8 years or more on some servers. But it's not what you were posting about here anyway.

    Removing chat from your screen 100% though, can be done only on client side so far. But requires restarting game every time you remove chat (put modded files in) or turn it on (remove them). I've done it years ago just to play undesturbed without reading chat on screen (still was possible to see it in console if needed). But it requires changes on our game side directly in the game with on screen layers. People won't use it though. It's too hard for most.

    Would be nice to see it possible on server side controlled by commands.

    AND HERE IS A THING: - It can be done in a way - because there is the way to (on server side) remove all chat messages just by easily removing the line of code of server file - so nobody who is playing there can see the chat (I've found out it works very nice after messing with basic code on my Mesa server in 2016 when people were just insulting eachother every day) - I'm sure it would be possible to implement a spmple trigger for that for each player - and create command which can turn off/on for any player who wants chat messages (if somebody just wants to play and doesn't want to read insults and so on - he would be able to remove chat messages from his screen and just play). This one is very possible to do.

    Just like right now already mute/unmute works. (which works the opposite way) In reversed mode - You would be able to mute everybody just for yourself - so you wouldn't see any message - Or admin would be able to not only mute player but also mute all messages on his screen so only umuted players would be able to talk and see messages. Muted ones wouldn't be able to post own messages but also wouldn't be able to see any messages (which in the case of muted player is fair to do - he would be able to play still).

    There are many possible options at least for that. Possible to do.

    WHAT IS NOT possible in my opinion (I can be wrong) is expanding chat capacity in terms of characters on screen (I've been trying that on server side and game side many years ago - but just in basic way and I suck in adding extra lines of code). Also setting the time messages (from players or from server) are showing in chat on our screen (I agreee it's always to shoort on screen and messages are also very short - would be nice to see them sometimes 2x longer if needed) or prevent vanishing so fast. It wasn't that easy to do so far - because this is directly in the game and can't be accessed just like that.

    Still there are few things possible to do which I would like to see with chat - on server side - like I've said above. All the rest we posted about here - which requires accessing game files - well, maybe some programing genius can figure it out also. Maybe. Let's hope so.

    Thanks for posting. Have fun.