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  • mrW1lde

    Hello, dear CryUsers! Let me tell you about the project, which revives multiplayer in Crysis 2 - MyCrysis Project. A lot of work has been done now, but we have a lot to strive for. Now there is a hosting and domain, a custom launcher is done, a custom client and server is ready. Also at the moment the problem with storing player statistics has been fixed. And we still have something to tell! If you are interested in the project, then please go to our discord channel, or you can follow the work done in Trello. Links will all be at the bottom. Well, as well as a small demonstration. Thanks for the attention. Ready to answer any questions. :)


  • Comrade

    It's nice that someone is working on multiplayer solution for Crysis 2. Do you know about Nano Wars project? They are trying to create C2 multiplayer mod too, but as far as i know their solution is technically very low quality. For example, it depends on some weird Hamachi-like software. Also, it uses C2 binaries from the leaked beta for some reason. I think you should try to merge your project with their because with more people you can create really impressive things. :)

  • Freebo

    Thanks mrW1lde and let me answer "a little bit" here :)

    Yeah. That's great somebody is working on C2. For example I wasn't trying "NanoWars" ever before, even though I've heard of it at least 4 years ago and saw some videos at the time. But I didn't like technical solution there to take a risk to even try it out.

    So let's hope this new solution of yours here is going to be worth trying in the future.

    Of course I was a C2 MP player only for around 3-4 months in 2011 and never went back there during following years because it wasn't the best game comparing to Crysis 1 and it was also much slower than Crysis 3 (which I was plaing even 3 times less than C2 - probably because of lack of "atmosphere" in C3). But since I was trying to love the game hoping it will be better than Crysis 1 in some way at the time - I've started to love those those tiny original maps of C2 and even the fact that everybody was playing cloaked :) - it was something I enjoyed and it took probably around 100 hours of my life just in a combat.
    Obviously because of the atmosphere and open space - most of the time I was on my favorite "Sky Line", "Downed Bird", "Light House" and "Terminal" :) This is what I miss sometimes.

    Having some real network (not based on Hamachi) where creating private servers with official maps would be possible - without renting a server for that (or even creating new maps with C2 editor for that) - that would be something great considering the nostalgy, maps, music and atmosphere.

    For me personally it would be like going back to young years of innocence in terms of MP gaming. Seems like I was a little kid at the time. It was so long ago. I'd love to have opportunity to go back and fight on those maps sometimes.

    Good luck with the project though. Let's hope it's going to work just like this network at some point.

    And my questions for you would be
    1 - "When ?" ;),
    2 - "Would it allow creating custom servers also, with different settings and so on?"
    (I had a server in C2 at the time but just for 1 month of testing, it had some options to set there - but it was a rented one of course - so it wasn't "custom" in terms of Crysis 1 MP / CryMP.Net servers)

    Thanks for sharing the project and good luck again!

  • mrW1lde

    Hello! Glad someone interested in the project :D
    I want to answer your questions:
    1. I don't know yet. Progress does not stand still, and now I finished off the custom data transfer protocols. They took a lot of time. We are also now reworking the launcher for the client ... In general, there is a lot of work and everything is hanging in the trello.
    2.I do not know how things will be with this yet, but the server will have to be taken anyway. The problem is that this is a fully custom build, and therefore only our custom client can connect to the custom server that has been seen and no one else. This was done for the purpose of security, and the issue of file modifications in the client was also resolved. If accurately answer on your question, you can create your server on our technology, but only the person who uses our custom build will be able to connect to them.

    I will be glad to answer other questions.

    Best wishes,

  • mrW1lde

    In continuation of this topic. An authorization page was made in the launcher, as well as a dedicated server connected to the database and we will increase the attributes of the progression. Well, all your progression can be seen on the site.
    Slowly prepare for the test, if there is a desire to participate in the test, then join the discord channel, in the future there will be all the information. :)

    site -

  • HipHipHurra

    WOW great!
    Someone lets Crysis 2 MP live again!

  • mrW1lde

    HipHipHurra, just trying :)