Crysis vs Crysis Wars(head)

  • Fallensanger

    I got a question about why you choses crysis (mp) over crysis wars, I you got to understand that I never played crysis multiplayer at its peek just played it over with some friends, is it a difference in the game mechanics or just that its more owners of the first game.?

  • Freebo

    Hi Fallensanger.

    Ha Ha - That's a very good question man ;)

    There are many advantages of Crysis Multiplayer over Crysis Wars. Mechanics - just like you've said is the main reason for many people. Me including.

    Let me just say a "little bit" about that :)

    First of all - it's hard to explain for some players who didn't try try play Crysis Multiplayer for longer than few weeks. It requires years to understand it all (but it's my opinion)

    Only Crysis multiplayer players can "feel" what's that about. Most agree that Crysis Multiplayer is better but still different players have different opinions why is that. For me it was always - for last 10 years - things like: Less COD-like look (even info on screen in Crysis Multiplayer feels more "natural" because it has less info during the fight - but it's a small difference)

    The biggest and easiest to see differences for me personally (and I'm sure others can share different opinions) - Is lack of Wall Jumping in Crysis Wars - and as we all know (Crysis Multiplayer players) for 90% of regular players Wall Jumping makes Crysis Multiplayer so unique (not to mention Circle Jumping - Flying glitch - which works only in unpatched - original Crysis Multiplayer).

    Lack of Wall Jumping - with just suit powers left there - makes Crysis Wars not much different than any other shooter. Sure nanosuit something more - but mechanics of the game and movement in Crysis Wars is just (because of removing original glitches) retarded in a way. Sure it's good for Power Struggle fighting with a bit of suit speed and strength, a bit of Cloak (which we don't even use in Crysis Multiplayer) - but comparing to Crysis Multiplayer is like Heaven and Earth ;) If you never tried all the glitches of Crysis Multiplayer - you need to try it first. It's hard to explain. Even after explaining most of people don't believe how amazing parkour during the fight in Crysis Multiplayer can be.

    I think all that is the main reason - at least for me - to never move to Crysis Wars - I've played it a bit and it always felt for me like it was a crippled version of original Crysis MP. Just like switching from Crysis MP to Crysis 2 was for me a while ago. Just like you've said :) - mechanics is the main core of differences.

    You can check old videos about things possible in Crysis Multiplayer only here on our website in tutrial section.

    There are no multiplayers which can give you this kind of Skill-based joyride and fun during the process of developing abilities. Skills which require months of training but after learning it feels almost organic - unlike some pre-programmed parkour stuff in other games.

    Here you can create your own, very unique style of moving around the map, several different ways of jumping around - all thanks to glitches which went out of control of Crytek and started to live on their own. But all that requires literally months of training and trying new things - it's not something player can get after 10 hours in the game - unlike in some new games - where after "unlocking" skill - everybody can use it without any training. Skills in Crysis Multiplayer - are real - just like skills in sport and muscle memory in real life :) No BS in that statement :)

    If you still prefer Crysis Wars you can play it in other network - They have even simulation of Wall Jumping there now (since GameSpy died in 2014) - but it's not even close to original one.

    Anyway. Please watch the videos and try it out some day in Crysis Multiplayer - you will know exactly what I'm trying to say here. But it's hard to explain.

    7 years old - Circle Jumping - Flying Videos from Vanilla Crysis Multiplayer:

    - definitely NOT possible in Crysis Wars - Ever ;)

    Excuse this messy answer - but I hope I could give at least my point of view which I share with many others for almost last 10 years.

    One more thing:
    I was trying literally for years to find some new multiplayer game which can at least come close to Crysis MP in terms of mechanics (shooter with not pre-programmed parkour abilities) - but it doesn't exist - that's why we've started refreshing it 5 years ago by creating whole network, adding, skins, mods, maps and different look to it - also for those who would like to play this amazing game with a new-game-look.

    You can trust me on that - I wouldn't put any time in that and wouldn't lose hundreds of hours to build stuff - if there was any other game like this but new one- with new graphics engine. Doing all that for Crysis Wars doesn't make much sense - since it's not much different than new games. It's not much better than new games which can beat Crysis Wars easily because they look better and have many extra options to have fun with.

    So this is exactly why people who don't know about advantages of Crysis Multiplayer - and played only Crysis Wars - simply move to new games. If they have learned glitches-based things and worked on skills here - they would always return here knowing there is no other MP like that witch so much freedom and so many choices and approaches to develop. Can't compare to other games. I tried very hard to like mechanics of new games, giving them many many hours and I failed :) Maybe in the future there will be game like this - but not yet.

    I'm sure I've missed a lot of other things which are better in Crysis Multiplayer - but I'd rather leave it to others to explain. But I've pointed out those which are most important for me personally.
    Again - sorry for this reagular (in my case) wall of words - but this is what I usually do.

    Have fun any time in the future you want !! It will stay on-line as long as possible :)

  • Fallensanger

    Thank you does where some great answers,I really agree on games that have interesting mechanics or bugs that dont break the game and makes it into a new experience, like I sayed I did not own any crysis games during its peek but I had some good times over some other "old" games that was better then its successors so I really understand how most of you guys feel over this game.


    The whole explanation boils down to the fact that Crysis MP is better than Wars only because in MP you can use bugs that give a big advantage over other players (I would equate this to cheats and forbid it).
    It’s not very pleasant when a man appears “from the sky” behind you and kills you.
    Therefore, most aching due to the fact that Wars fixed these bugs, but they can’t play on skill, only with the help of bugs.
    And don't say that the use of bugs is a kind of skill. Anyone can repeat this, even me.