• SashsBrest

    SOS Guys! This V_Luke (Total_Luke) admin in crymp servers!
    He destroyed all the players on the germancrysis servers and came to us, and today he bans the players on our servers, Today I played on the server Grand Central,and he gave me mud for insults, although before that I was offended 20 times by a playerterminator, he was angry that I kill him time all time, and called me a b#tch, motherf#cker etc. etc. But this bastard did not give a mutt to the one who began to insult the first! He muted me. Burn in hell, miserable noob!
    How did this creature become an admin :? Owner grand central, you crazy?

  • Forsaken

    I'm sorry for this experience you had, I have seen what I need to see.

    It won't happen again. However, I don't see anything that would lead to me banning him, as I did see some nasty comments from other people. Ill have a talk with him and get his side of things next time I see him online. I can see a valid argument for a mute considering the rules some other servers have on insults and things of that nature. I will make a final decision after I have spoken with him.

    I did see some very xenophobic comments from players when this happened, I can post the chat log... but its going to be more players than luke with egg on their faces :)

    I don't have any explicit rules about insults, and do not agree with this action.

  • SashsBrest

    Ок, thx bro.

  • TunSalat

    Yeah the chats in-game can be a bit "free"/nasty sometimes :) That's life.
    And that screenshot looks like all had fun with it

  • SashsBrest

    Yeah the chats in-game can be a bit "free"/nasty sometimes :) That's life

    I didn’t even think offended by the terminator, I just laughed at his insults, let him write, they only amuse me, because he called me a noob, because he could not defeat me, this is very fun))) But when I answered , I got a mute, he didn’t, that’s what angered me.
    You can insult me as much as you want, or use my nickname in the game, personally I almost never take offense at this) I myself am angry when players play dishonestly, and I can insult, it happens.

  • Forsaken

    Like I said, there are no rules in my server for insults of any kind, but I don't like xenophobic comments personally.

    I will talk with luke in private, and decide privately what should be done afterwards. I wash my hands of this, and will not speak again of this publicly unless I feel there is something else that needs to be said.

    happy games everyone!

  • SashsBrest