Players get kicked because integrity check failed

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  • AhmadG

    Solidv2 is the map ... but the problem is not at my end .. cause i can run other servers fine .. only this server stops downloading at 24-27% and then crashes the game

  • Koenigsegg

    What OS (operating system) are you using? I tested it and it downloaded the solidv2 map after I deleted it from IA folder already. I use win 7 ultimate 64bit OS and I have no problems with download. You may check forum for map download issues. If your IP is server logs show a disconnect cause=23 and cause=19. Perhaps you're timing out before the download is finished. The server is far far away in the US.
    I just played a player from Italy and he obviously had no problems with download. Seems that you are the only one having problems with this map.
    So sorry I don't know what your problems could be?


  • Comrade

    You can download the map manually and just extract the zip to "Game" folder inside your Crysis folder.

    Here's the link: /maps/eu/hotspot/IA/

  • Koenigsegg

    Is anyone having problems down-loading map bloodrun?

    The map is well made and optimized to support 16 players for IA Game Rules.

    Some players may encounter nightmares after playing on this map. xD

    Definitely not for everyone and can be a little scary for some players.

    regards -

  • TunSalat

    Do you have me on auto kick list or something?
    I get kicked after 1-2 seconds always. Also on pretty standard maps

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