thsi make or no crysis crasht

  • UESE

    crysis crasht ever or crysis start not?

    (Only for 64-bit Windows 7/8):
    If you are having troubles starting your game and are using Windows 7/8 (64-bit), create a shortcut of the file "Crysis.exe" located in the "bin64" directory ("Crysis\bin64\Crysis.exe"). Then rightclick on this shortcut, open the attributes window, switch to the compatibility tab and select "Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)". Also select "Run this program as an Administrator".
    (Only for AMD FX processors):
    If you are having troubles starting your game and are using an AMD FX processor, follow

  • Comrade

    Everything you posted is highly deprecated and complete nonsense today. You are just copy-cat posting things you know nothing about. So, please, don't post such useless crap here. Thanks. :)

  • Comrade

    To make things clear, if you have any problems with launching Crysis, just don't follow any of those weird tutorials that UESE posted above. It breaks your game and nothing else. Maybe the game "works" after applying those "fixes", but it creates a lot of new problems, so it only makes everything worse.

    Here's list of things you should NEVER EVER do if you don't want to break your Crysis:
    - Rename "Bin64" to "Bin32" or vice versa
    - Use files from Crysis Warhead in Crysis
    - Edit "Documents/My Games/Crysis/game.cfg" file
    - Install GerCry's multiplayer "client" (it's ~3 GB of garbage)

    All these things don't make any sense. Note that if you've already done some of these weird things, you will probably need to reinstall Crysis first.

    So, to actually fix the problems, everything you need is to install CryMP client. Or, if you don't want to do that, you can use directly fixed "Crysis.exe" from here It correctly fixes all known problems + there are some additional useful features (check the readme there for more information). Also, Steam and Origin users don't need to manually obtain "Bin64" folder, because with the correct "Crysis.exe" even 32-bit version will work without any problems.

    If you still have some problems, just ask here or in CryMP Skype/Discord group.

    Good luck and have fun.