PF 2020

  • Zi;

    Happy new year to everyone and thanks for keeping Crysis 1 multiplayer still alive!

    Over course of 1 year, you played incredible 14 911 hours together, which is equal to 621 days and you also made incredible 310 516 kills.

    The 3 most popular servers this year were:
    RankServerPlayed time (hours)
    1.Fun & Fight (Classic Mesa & Dark Mesa)6 614
    2.!NoobSpot PS1 730
    3.Fun & Fight - Event server1 375

    I think big thanks should go to people who keep these servers alive! But not only these servers, big thanks should go to everyone!

    *Top 10 players in 2019 by their total kills:

    1.Andrey19 667
    2.misterSD18 783
    3.OrangeDoctor18 803
    4.fhutterli18 655
    5.ItsMe12 567
    6.led11 415
    7.Vinker11 406
    9.Sashs8 856
    8.Lycor7 784
    10.Smersh6 374

    *Top 10 players in 2019 by their total played time:

    RankPlayerPlayed time (hours)
    1.misterSD1 409

    And if you don't find yourself on any of these tables, don't lose hope, there is one more! :D

    *Top 10 players in 2019 by their total deaths

    1.Andrey18 823
    2.fhutterli14 963
    3.OrangeDoctor12 918
    4.ItsMe12 526
    5.Smersh8 645
    6.misterSD7 636
    7.led7 164
    8.CephBerserker7 096
    9.Sashs6 483
    10.Forsaken5 437

    *Please note, that due to that not everybody plays using his CryMP account (basically almost nobody plays logged-in) and multiple people have multiple devices, these stats may not be perfectly accurate and consider them as an estimation. Also anonymous players are referred to just as Nomad#ProfileID.

  • TunSalat

    Nice. Happy new year to all :)

  • SashsBrest

    Happy new year guys!

  • TunSalat

    Sash you offend me! Ban sash from all servers!
    How dare you. I'm better than you blablablablablabla :)

  • Unknown user

    everybody wants to see themself on the Top death list
    weird my name is not on it

  • heandel

    Andrey on the Top killer list because he kill zombie on apocalypse event /Fun and fight (Classic Mesa & Dark mesa) / ..sometimes when I join the server I find him killing hundreds of zombies using a tank with the help of Led was the harvest of a whole year .. I hope that other players join the server and we will have other statics more inflated

  • Lycor

    Wow you are so retarded you do not even know what "total deaths" means.

  • Zi;

    Well, you are partially right heandel, but as for this network, well, for master server, it's impossible to know whether it was NPC kill or player kill. If server reports it as kill, it is simply counted as a kill.
    Thing is, everybody had equal opportunity to play on these servers and kill NPCs too, so it isn't really a cheat, if everybody has same opportunity. If you want to see statistics individually for each server, you can always just click server in server-list.